IF you look into your crystal ball what do you see in the future for this world?

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Pain & Suffering.


It is decidedly so.


The galaxies will continue to speed away from us at an increasing speed until we can only see our own group. Andromeda will continue to approach the Milky Way and they will eventually combine. There will be no other stars in view and those will begin to die out. Finally there will be no stars left and the Galaxy group will form a black hole. That will radiate for billions of years and then will flash in a large explosion, but will not have enough matter to reproduce the big bang. Possibly, some stars will form again and just maybe another life form will emerge, but all information from this universe will have been lost in the black hole.


Sean David Morton http://www.seandavidmorton.com has one of the better records of intuitive prediction.
For about 10 years, he has been predicting a major economic downturn for 2008-2009, and a female President elected in 2008 with a male African-American VP. However, on his recent appearance on http://www.coasttocoastam.com radio, he said the October-November 2008 period was becoming, due to human free will, “chaotic” and more difficult to discern.
The “psychic twins” http://www.psychictwins.com have a similarly excellent “track record,” including several years ago predicting a likely HC 2008 Presidency, with an “African American” in the mix.
http://www.800seeself.com also good.
The respected trends group, http://www.trendsresearch.com and http://www.fourthturning.com are excellent.
“The Path of the Higher Self,” Mark Prophet, and
“Hope for the World: Spiritual Galvanoplasty,” O. M. Aivanhov, are worthwhile re general future interest.


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