• Chelsea struggling with injuries.
    Aston Villa doing better
    Portsmouth & Man City fighting for a CL spot
    Spurs finishing in the top 10
    Arsenal winning the title
    Liverpool winning the carling cup
    Everton finishing 4th.

  • I hope you kept your receipt for your Crystal Ball Sir Dave, its faulty!

    My crystal ball, predicts all things good, all things positive, lots of silverwear, lots of wins and lots of points for …….. ARSENAL.

  • ^^^^I smell delusion in the air 🙂
    Man Utd to win at least two trophies
    Liverpool’s title dreams come crashing down half way into the season(some fans having to be placed in medical care for suicidal thoughts)
    More “I didn’t see its” from Wenger
    Scolari has an average season
    Terry never to take a penalty ever again

  • you are wrong about that
    my crystal ball would only predict manchester united winning the premiership if it was broken
    well,i fixed it and it said that arsenal would win the premiership,
    man.united would come 2nd
    chelsea wont do so well this season while liverpool is likely to

  • Many a lame friday afternoon predictions on this site only for fortune tellers to mysteriously disappear come Monday morning.

    Broken hearts are what I foresee.

  • hahahah dave!i think you’ve been ripped off mate!that ball of yours sounds like its broken! i bet ya bought it in a man u store eh!?!hahahaha..as you well know “this is liverpools season”!! hahahahahahahaha

  • “what did we buy him for ?” being said in a scouse accent,

    MANCHESTER UNITED fans singing “theres only one keano” at a field on the 13th of sept and some of the more honest liverpool fans agreeing

    aston villa or portsmouth breaking into the top 4 and by christmas it should be obvious arsenal and liverpool won’t have a prayer.

    ronaldo being sold in the january transfer window to an italian club, or qpr

    me getting a bet up, winning the lottery, and getting drunk and not putting my change into the machine in the pub or the chippy thus costing me £40 more than my night out should have cost.

    one of the clubs in the premiership going a whole season without conceding a goal (but i can’t say who)

  • Chelsea finishing 2nd.
    Liverpool third.
    Torres top scorer with 28 goals.
    Newcastle acquiring UEFA cup spot.
    Ronaldo leaving ManUtd to rot in Madrid.
    Fulham getting relegated.

  • liverpool fans loseing faith in the title by october..
    scolari having a tantrum with the english press
    spurs doing better than enyones expecting.
    arsenal lifting a cup
    keegan walking out on newcastle
    and some great fun and bitter arguments on yahoo…

    oh and i forgot some great refereeing by mr bennett..

  • I don’t DO predicitons! As a referee you can’t do that! But I will hope to see one thing RESPECT from players, managers and fans alike towards us referees and our fellow officials! ;);)

    EDIT: Deano thank you I intend to keep my impeccably high standards next season!

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