if you live with someone and spend a lot of time with them, is it possible to develop like telepathy powers?

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my step sister had papa roach-forever stuck in her head after she listened to it, she wasn’t singing it or anything, but like two minutes later, I had the same song stuck in my head, without her even mentioning the song. then later that night, one of my friends mentioned that he had a bad day and I started singing daniel powter-bad day, in my head. then like two minutes later, she said she had that song stuck in her head, and neither of us even listened to the song. is that weird or what?

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Yes, I have had several occasions over the years when I knew or “felt” it when a family member was hurt.


dude wtf kinda question is that i think u ,ur friend and ur sister should lay of the bong for a while.

Jayasri devi dasi

Yes. My husband and i do that all the time. That is also why some people can hear ghosts. It is because they are more on a subtle plane of consciousness. They can hear things people or ghosts think. It is not a great thing it is actually natural if one is more in tune to things. It is just being more sensitive or using your subtle sense. We can be effected by others thoughts. some people can not be around people due to this. They pick up peoples vibes too much and feel their distress or anxiety. If we eat food cooked by someone else we can be effected by their consciousness. The consciousness goes into the food that is being cooked. That is why yo should never have an argument in the kitchen. No wonder people are so messed up. They don’t know if they are in anxiety or angry of if they are being effected by others. Bhakti Yoga is the answer to fully protecting our consciousness. check it out. Bhagavad Gita as it is by Bhaktivedanta Prabhupada asitis.com you can read it on line.

Benjamin W

My finacée’s sister and brother have something like that. I don’t fully understand it, but something is there as they conncet without outward interaction at times.


not possible.

Robert C

You don’t have any special “powers”, but since you’ve grown up together and spent so much time together, you’ve had many of the same experiences, and have learned the same things from them. You’ve interacted with each other so much that you know very well how the other will act in a certain situation. So while it might not really be telepathy, your minds work in a similar way.


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Hey Greg, you and Marsha ought to hook up and tell your friend who had a bad day to get the hell out. Use your telepathic powers to make it happen then let us all know if you were actually special or just impressed with your step sister.


It’s not necessary to live with someone.I’ve heard somewhere that the Eskimos who were living in a great distance one from another developed telepathy and they knew it when their friends would come for a visit!

Fugazi Grrl

I believe so… in a way. Not that you have any magical powers… or telepathy like Star Wars characters… but I think if two people do spend a great deal of time together they develop a sort of instincts for each other’s thoughts and actions.
Oh… and for one of the other answerers… it’s “Marcia”, not “Marsha”…


I’m fairly telepathic on occasions. The impression I get is that all people are telepathic it’s just the bond is stronger with people that you are close with.


I believe in telepathy.With so many billions of people on the planet,who’s to say it’s not possible for two minds to cross paths and share some thoughts.


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