If you knew that what ever your consciousness is at the time of death,that you are sure to attain ? see detail






you are sure to atain suitable body in your next life, acording to your consciousness. What would you want your last thoughts to be?


  1. The kind of body I would be receiving would be the least of my thoughts. I would want circumstances favorable to further advance my consciousness in my next lifetime.

  2. “i” imagine “i’ll” be standing aloof as my mind does whatever it’s gotta do to try to cope with dissolution. “i” don’t know what it’s last words will be. nonsense, “i” suspect.

  3. I personally feel that when we talk about death, the last thought would have a very important event with regarding the next birth.
    The consciousness ( Vinanaya) is the one that will decide on the next form of birth we will have.. But it all depends on the last thought and the Karmic force behind us ( These two go hand in hand). That is if we have done good Karma in or present and previous births, then the chances of us getting a birth in a good place and in a good form is accepted. If we have done bad Karma & in our previous births, well we can not asure a good place or good form.
    The last thought may be a very good one, but that does not garuntee a good place of existence because depending of our good and bad Karma our last thought would be changed accordingly.
    If we live a rightous life, all our thoughts will be good and we do not have to worry about getting a bad thought at our last moment of ” let going” of our Body, as all our thoughts are good and we do not get the opportunity to think about any bad thought. .. Babujee

  4. I am a hard core pessimist so I am very sure that the last thing I would want is to come back into this miserable world, and the spiritual world seems intangible, coming to think of it I really don’t know what I want, but am pretty sure what I don’t want. Thnx u have set me thinking.

  5. Always remember Krishna never forget Krishna.
    Krishna, Krishna, Krishna, Krishna, Krishna, Krishna, Krishna, Krishna, Krishna.
    I do not want a body again. I do not want to again in this material world.

  6. It is stated in the scriptures that irrespective of ones karma in his present life or past lives, if he remembers Krishna at the time of death he goes to Krishna.
    But it is also true that one cannot remember Krishna at the time of death if he does not practise worshipping Krishna all his life.
    King Bharata was a very pious man but he loved his deer very much and at the tme of his death he remembered his deer and in this next birth got the life of a deer.
    Ajamila used to be a perfect devotee of the Supreme Lord. But he fell down from his path of devotion, got involved with a prostitute and committed many sins.
    And at his death bed, when he was about to be capture and dragged into hell by the Yamadutas, he called out his youngest son Narayana. Coincidently Narayana is one of the many holy names and divine forms of Lord Krishna. Out of His divine mercy, the Supreme Lord dispatched His warrior servant, Vishnudutas, to protect and save Ajamila.
    So if one utters the name of Krishna even unconsciously he goes to Krishna.
    So I am practicing now and hope by Krishna’s grace I can utter ‘Hare Krishna’ at the time of my death and go to him and get liberated. A farfetched goal though but I can try.

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