If you have had a "past life regression" or "past life therapy" could you tell us about your experience?

Ufo Spaceship Flying Saucer Space  - PhotoVision / Pixabay
PhotoVision / Pixabay

Did you “see” a past life and, if so, what did you see? What did you “learn” from the experience?


  1. No…because you are never in conscious control…it is always suggestion,,,if not the Therapist,,,then maybe your own.

  2. They used to do hypnosis on possible abuse victims to help them recover repressed memories. Now they realize that the memories recovered may be false, and should not be taken as proof. Corroborating evidence is required.
    I would have the same concern about the reliability of past life regression.

  3. I have had “past life therapy” and found it very helpful. I was conscious the whole time and it felt like I was watching a movie that was showing on the inside of my eyelids! It was a very vivid experience.
    I don’t really believe that was my past life, it could have been some sort of lucid dream, but the lessons that I learned from it were very, very valuable. I was at a crossroads at the time, trying to figure out what I wanted to do with my career, and the past life therapy helped me answer that question quickly and cheaply unlike “traditional therapy” where you have to go to counseling for months or YEARS to get any answers.


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