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If you have had a Death, or NEAR DEATH EXPERIENCE, would you please describe it in detail?

I am seriously interested in learning more about people who have died, or who have nearly died, by any cause, to learn more of what you saw, felt and experienced. How much do you remember? What did you see? How did it change you? Do you believe it was real? Anything pertinent to your experience that you can relay with words will be most appreciated.


  1. ive had both near death and almost death experience.. and no yor life dosnt flash like that. you get into flight or fight. like a scared fast thinking.
    everyone has a different experience .not everyone sees angels

  2. Personally I haven’t (or ever want to) but, I’ve read that some people see things in irredesent colours (more colours than we have on Earth)… if you type it into yahoo/google you’ll probably find stories on it too… Hope this helps

  3. My friend has been clinically dead 7 times.
    5 of those times she saw ‘the light’ and you felt really happy and warm, like you wanted to go into it. When she was brought back she wished she hadn’t been.


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