If you have a spirit guide and you astral travel…do you see your spirit guide when you do?





It seems like the second you get out of your body…you should be able to see your spirit guide and your guardian angel and any relatives/friends who are hanging around you. Has this ever happened to any of you?
BTW…I don’t astral travel or have a spirit guide that I know of.


  1. I see my spirit guide Jennifer all the time.Unfortunately astral travel is not one of my better abilities.I can only achieve this while i am asleep.In astral travel i have been to India a number of times and other planets.India is a special place as there is quite a few powerful psychics there including a alpha grade telepath.

  2. Every time I have see my spirit guide is when I have problems leaving my physical body. I have a the same white figure twice pull me or direct me where to go. Once I cross over I have yet to see any type of guide. Crazy feeling though, I did not scare me I was totally at ease with what he wanted me to do.

  3. Only if they have something specific that they wanted me to know about, or something that I need to pay attention too, because I am being too hard headed to notice it.

  4. No, the times it did happen I only saw myself from very funny angles. Spirit guides, guardian angels, can be seen if you ask them too make themselves visible. But they do not have to respond. They will if it serves a purpose. Friends, relatives – never.

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