If you have a ball in your hand and frame of reference is the earth ,ball has zero momentum? Energy?

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note you have not thrown the baseball ,its only in your hand.
I forgot to mention that the Sun is moving 12 miles per second and the earth is moving 18 miles a second. on the ecliptic.

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Jacqueline Sherry

This depends on whether you choose to consider the ball as a whole or as a conglomeration of individual particles.
The ball as a whole should have no momentum, since it has zero velocity. However, it may have potential energy if it is some height off the ground.
The particles in the ball have momentum because they are moving. Likewise, they also have kinetic energy, and potential energy from their height and the electromagnetic and nuclear forces.


relative to your frame of reference, I believe the momentum is 0 since the velocity is zero. momentum is mass * velocity. Kinetic energy is 0.5*mass*velocity^2 so it is zero too.


If the reference frame is rotating at earth’s rotation rate, it’s as the previous answers say (zero momentum). If the reference frame is earth-centered but nonrotating, then the ball’s momentum and kinetic energy reflect the tangential speed of earth’s rotation at the location of the ball.


Well the balls momentum would be zero relative to the earth and the only energy ould be its potential energy ..mgh~ mass x gravity x hieght of ball.


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