If you had to rate George Bush as either a genius or a moron which would you choose?

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Nothing in between. Is he closer to being a genius like Leonardo, Prof Steven Hawking, and Archimedes, OR is he closer to being a moron.
Genius OR Moron? Take your pick and lets see how many agree with you.

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moron i believe





Happy Murcia

Moron,,and it`s already been scientifically proved


i wouldn’t say he is a genius 😉




I’d like to say jacka**, but I guess I have to say MORON!!!!

Alli Kat

He is a genius at being a moron.

The Drunken Fool

i believe i have made my position on dubya very clear on many occasions. but i am dying to see someone with the balls to compare him to the above geniuses.

Haven Marra



he’s definitely a moron…i’ve heard that he can’t even walk properly when he’s chewing gum!!!


He’s an absolute bumbling, inbred, redneck, moron. Anyone who disagrees should also be described as such.


George Bush gives morons a bad name


total moron.


Idiot savant

Larry B

moron, and so are you for asking a rhetorical question.


easy, Moron!




Moron with a very clever team of publicists behind him.



Jack K

He is the messiah.

Dave J

Moron everytime!
Im just wondering why you have given examples of who is a genius, but none for who is a moron?
Hmmm where will I start……Gordon Brown, Tony Blair, David Blunkett….should I go on?!

blaster 2

He is a moron….a war monger!!


Technically of course, he is something in between. But if we’re dealing in absolutes, I’d love to see him up against Steven Hawking – hell, even Richard Dawkins would be fun. George Bush, regrettably, is towards the lower end of the spectrum. I think Roy Zimmerman said it best, in the song below:


Of course he is a moron.He is like Ed in Ed,Edd n Eddy.


The dictionary definition of “Moron” is “A person of mild mental retardation having a mental age of from 7 to 12 years”. I reckon most 7 – 12 year olds are considerably more intelligent than Bush.
So perhaps “idiot” would be more a more appropriate choice. Defined as “A person of profound mental retardation having a mental age below three years” and “a person so mentally deficient as to be incapable of ordinary reasoning”. The latter definition in particular sounds like a good definition of Bush to me.
Edit: I really liked Russel Brand’s comment about Bush at those music awards the other day, when he referred to him as “that retarded cowboy dude”.

Trucy Wright The Magician

He a Moron


I don’t think a genius OR a moron would survive for long in American politics. They would be too different from the rest of the herd and the voters wouldn’t understand them.
I thought Bush had some very inspired moments in his first term, particularly in the aftermath of 9/11. His second term, on the other hand, has been nothing short of baffling. He still says some of the right stuff, but then he signs every spending bill. He still says the American voters gave him a mandate, but then he lets government grow ever larger, more unwieldy, and far more dysfunctional.
I’m not willing to call him a moron but I certainly don’t rate him even as far as midline on the scale any longer.
George Washington and Thomas Jefferson must be rolling in their graves. {sigh}


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