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If you had the gift to read auras, peoples thoughts, would it be hard for you to stay a member in a church?

Knowing people are not perfect, but to know their judgements wouldn’t be very pleasent. Even though you forgive them, you still know what and how they think.
It would be hard for you to stay in one church very long.
I think you all at times can read auras, expressions….. what is your answer to this question.


  1. We are commanded to be perfect and holy. Isnt that enough? You see the fruits of those around you and in most cases YOU included and you come up very short. You dont need any supernatural help to see that we live in a society full of sin and most except it as ok. 🙂

  2. No, I think this would make me want to go to church (which I don’t) I would really get off on this stuff, I’d LOVE to be able to do this. I can’t even express to you the delight this would give me.

  3. Well could I only read peoples thoughts in church…I mean what in the world does that have to do with it, people have judgments no matter where they are, the mall, church, school, walking down the street. So if I had a problem with what people are thinking, then I couldn’t really go anywhere. Also of course you can read expressions, they are on the face, in the eyes, in the body language. And you can’t read auras, but you can sense if a person is good or bad, but that is not always right, I am really shy so people think I am stand offish and not a nice person, but in reality I am very nice, so auras can throw people off.

  4. I see auras around people. I have no idea what they mean and I don’t care. No, it’s not a vision problem, I’ve been checked out by opthamologists.
    I’m a Christian.

  5. Feeling people’s energy is tied into what you are talking about. Being around a lot of people is an individual choice. Your heart will never fail you.

  6. That would depend on how much Christian love the church you go to truly has. (assuming the church is christian, of course)

  7. If I could do all that, they wouldn’t ALLOW me in church. I’d be labeled in league with satan.
    Instead I’m just a normal atheist.

  8. I think I understand what you’re trying to say. I also think that in order to answer that I have to take a hard look at myself, my thoughts, my judgments. Would I want someone to see what’s inside me? Sometimes I have to stop and see the ugliness in myself – especially when I start getting really critical of others. Another thought is that you’re in church because you’re supposed to get something out of it, not wonder or be disappointed in what others are doing or thinking.
    I’m grateful that I don’t know what others are thinking or feeling, it’s enough to have to control myself.
    This was a pretty deep question.
    Added comment: I’d like to say that I’d stay – at least I hope I would.

  9. It would be hard to do anything… All human beings tell little white lies daily… Knowing the thoughts of other human beings would compromise business dealings, friendships, family relationships, acquaintanceship, stranger meeting on the street..
    We can all to some extent read body language, the way someone holds themselves, looks away when telling a 1/2 truth, etc. That is part of human interactions however reading the mind and thoughts of another is far different that knowing when someone is embarrassed, excited, shy, nervous etc. by body language..
    I believe if someone were able to read the thoughts of others they would become agoraphobic pretty quickly as a self defense mechanism..

  10. Interesting question. I can think of one instance where people were able to read thoughts, see auras, etc. If you have done any investigation into NDEs (near death experiences), you will find examples of people who had gained some of those abilities after they were revived. Raymond Moody was one of the pioneers in these kinds of studies. Also, what the people experienced when they were clinically dead had some definite similarities, whether they were Jewish, Cristian, agnostic, etc. Afterward, many of them said that religion wasn’t as important to them as it was before the NDE, but loving and forgiving others was extremely important. I recommend his books.
    One other thing….there are also accounts of NDEs written by people who were very religious prior to their experience. Some of those books have been written within the person’s frame of reference (i.e., if they were a born-again christian, it was told through that point of view). That is one reason why I enjoyed Dr. Moody’s books. He tried to remain as unbiased as possible.

  11. I don’t see a problem as long as it kept private, people don’t understand and if word got out, you would be condemned.
    But I would see it as a gift as well

  12. what has praising God got anything to do with your gift
    Dont use it to judge
    You are not blessed with a gift to use it against people but as a device to help people
    If they are sinners then you are homing in on them to help them believe again and heal
    use your gift wisely for you have been blessed

  13. You will need to keep your gift a secret to stay welcomed, whether in church, at work or with your friends. People will feel vulnerable near you if they know. It is not a cool gift after awhile.


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