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If You Had The Chance To Have Your Consciousness Transferred To A Perfect Android Body?

When You were old, so that You could prolong You life by several centuries…would You do it?
Please feel free to discuss from any angle You’d like.


  1. Yes, although you’d never have sex again and I’d probably miss it. I’d have to have my memories transferred too. Being unable to feel, taste, smell, touch… I’d miss all that. But I probably would.

  2. I’d have reservations about doing it. To me life is supposed to be treasured and made special and part of that is knowing you only have a limited amount of time to make that happen. When you have an unlimited amount of time, it loses that. I would hate for my life to become complacent, boring and stale.

  3. Wow, are we talking perfect as in the Major from Ghost in the Shell?
    Hmmm. I think a perfect android body would allow the use of sense organs, after all, since my brain is already hard wired for sensory input, it would make sense to make use of it. Similarly, I think a perfect android body would allow me the ability to have sex.
    I believe it is our minds that determines who we are, and not our bodies, so as long as my full mind would be intact, I wouldn’t have a problem with being moved. However, I can see this being an issue for those who believe that the mind/body connection is what defines us as individuals.

  4. only if it can be an Adrienne Barbeau-bot
    anyway…. I’d fear eternity. I’d fear the loss of everyone I’ve ever known, and the slowly shortening years as more and more time passes and my perception of time flies by faster and faster.

  5. no.
    I feel like my life is supposed to end naturally and by using science to avoid death is well it’s kind of like cheating.
    would everyone be able to do this?
    because that would seem to complicate life when the population would be out of this world crazy.

  6. no, that’s something i know i’d regret later. it’d be interesting to see all that history go by and then be like, yeah, i was there, when people talk about 9/11 or whatever. but nah, life’s ephemeral nature is what makes it so precious, everything would change if people could do that. not to mention the overpopulation problem would increase exponentially if everybody had that opportunity. besides, i wouldn’t want an android body, even if it was perfect. it’s not as poetic, you know, as flesh and bones that turn to dust and return to the earth….

  7. My answer shouldn’t mean anything. I’m not old. I have no fear of “immediate” death. Living forever isn’t necessarily the best of goals though.

  8. I’d like it to me just like mine — with all of it’s faults and imperfections…
    uhhh — Okay, you got me — I’d do it — I don’t wanna die Mon !! 😉


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