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If you had some superpower like invisibility, telepathy, or anything, would you use it for good?

Or would you be a real ahole?
I read a lot of science fiction when I was a teen-ager. I’m sure I’d be an ahole.


  1. I would pry into other people’s businesses a lot, that’s for sure.
    I mean, admit it… if you could go invisible, who could resist the temptation to snoop around, eavesdrop and in general, been an “a-hole” as you put it?

  2. both good and evil.
    Evil- Rob banks, become the greatest modern thief!, pull pranks!, professional assassin.
    good- Work for the military (stealth attack), save people in a armed robbery!, save hostages, disarm people.

  3. Invisibility.
    For the most part, I would try to use it to help people out. But, I would definitely use it for my own personal gain now and then. I see some great opportunities for spying, getting even, and some monetary gain as well 🙂

  4. I would probably start out using it for good, but the power would probably corrupt me and I would end up being a real ahole.

  5. I’d be selfish at first. Amassing my wealth and status. Then after I seem to be on top of the world, I’d give it all away. The fun is in the chase.

  6. I would use it for good and for general ahole-ness. Probably whatever fits the situation, or how I’m feeling that day : )
    Anyone who says they would use powers only for good is simply full of it.

  7. both.. ill of course help if someone is in danger but.. also use it for other things.. ill just mess with people and help..

  8. I would want the power to control time and I would use it only for my own personal gain, like freezing time and walking into a restaurant and eating as much as I want then walk out and unfreeze time,
    or go to an electronics store and freeze time, take what I want, walk out and unfreeze time.
    bang a super hot celebrity chick, then keep going back in time to experience banging her over and over again for as long as I want, whenever I want, super powers are to good to be real.

  9. Good and Bad
    I mean to say that if I was invisible and following someone to see what pin number they used at the teller machine and some kid was about to get hit by a bus. I would save the kid and sneak the pin number.

  10. Invisibility… As in having an Invisibility Cloak or being able to do something like performing a Disillusionment Charm? Well, I would definitely use it for sneaking around and if the need arises, help people…
    Telepathy… When I know how to control it, I would try to use it for the good of mankind!
    But, you never know what will happen until it does happen. What I have written is what I think I would do, but all depends upon the circumstances…
    Anyway, a very good question, I must say… 🙂


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