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If you had one superpower that everyone would know you have, and one that is a secret what would they be?

I would pick somthing fun for the known one (flying, super strenth or speed. and something more useful for the unkown (invisibility, shapeshifting, telepathy, or time travle)
what would you pick?


  1. I would choose speed for being known because I can snatch things, I can travel, clean and do things faster, 100 times faster than anyone could! I wouldn’t mind helping and letting the world know that!
    One that would be secret is hard time choosing.. but I would choose time travel because it is very USEFUL. The reason how is because any bad mistake can be turned back, you can look to the good times in the past, fix things that are regretting, or hang out with the people you know that you missed doing things with them. I would keep this a secret because if they knew they might do some bad and annoying to you. Plus the secrets to your past are to yourself. Also you have to be careful because what you do to the past is done to the future. Hope this helps! And this is my opinion! 😉

  2. Um…probably time freezing for the known one and mind reading for the secret one. I’ve always wanted to be able to read peoples minds but that wouldn’t go over so well with others I’d imagine.


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