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If you had a working voodoo doll, who would you use it on and what would you make him/her do?

These answers are too boring, try a little harder, people.


  1. well…its not the voodoo doll that “works” its the person performing the task. That’s all I wanted to say. I am wiccan and do not believe harming others is acceptable.

  2. I just could not possibly say that here. I would get banned from this site. But Cindy Sheehan – watch your azz.

  3. tony blair, and i’d make him send every illegal immigarnt back to where they came from, for those who are legal, the first crime they commit pack them off too,bring back school punishment and borstals, old folks deserve respect for what they gave us, and he treats them as second class, all ages of criminals are treated better then their victims, all criminals should lose there human rights, oh and chocolate should be free

  4. i would use it on this arrogant piece of sh.it of a bloke at work. Every time i passed him on the corridor i would poke it in the legs so it would look like he had bowed to me on passing.

  5. if i had a working voo doo doll then i would use it on tony bloody blair. to abloshish the3 tv license so the bbc don’t have to sponge off us anymore, ande lower the tax so we are no longer the highest taxed country in the west. and to raise the wages, so we don’t find it harder to live.


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