If you had a voodoo doll.?

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who would it be , when you started sticking the pins in

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cheri h

so many people to choose from~


i had one on a keychain when i was in high school. it would hang from my mirror and my friend named it genna once (after some girl she hated), then she tried to set it on fire.

Dr. Nurse

my neighboors, they come over every day, and break out stuff all the time!
that’ll teach them to come back to our house >:)


I wouldn’t. Voodoo is stupid.

Mantastic Travisâ„¢ All That Milk!

Angelina Jolie
Miley Cyrus

Đδģ Ĺōvёŗ♫♥

nobody and God doesn’t like thos and i dont


Cathy, my former manager. So glad I don’t work for that company any more!

Lalala blah blah blah

i cant choose 1 at the moment

Happy Murcia

My ex brother in law….

Ally (aka ♥ Kim ♥)

This idiot… http://uk.answers.yahoo.com/my/profile;_ylt=ArNlmwzD7Rsu_BE5pA1NQYwAAAAA;_ylv=3?show=Cyyetjbpaa
who’s made Delilahs & other peoples life a misery on here for no good reason Mark hun xx


Him, for hurting me like he did for so many years.


I already have one…Trip Fontaine is his name. Wanna see him? 😉

Patrick H

Too many to choose from.

♥ purplegirl ♥

my ex for sure


none, its against my belief , and don’t want to cause disturbance to my brotherhood even with evil deeds

Blink. I dare you >:D

well, everyone has enemies. the doctor has the daleks, johhny english has that french guy, bart has sideshow bob… well you get the picture xD
so my answer is: my enemy >:D


fantastic question, i never even had to think on this one..http://answers.yahoo.com/my/profile?show=bNykcEVXaa

Kitty 2

Prob myself.


A sister-in-law of mine.

ƒℓυƒƒу тнє ιηνιѕιвℓє мσηкєу ™

This b!tch that made my life hell for a month or two…..well actually i want 2 voodoo dolls because there was 2 of them in it

Debby R

oh god i wish i could have fun with that


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