Home Discussion Forum If you had a near death experience would you?

If you had a near death experience would you?

That’s say you had died in the hospital. Suddenly you wake up in this other world. Of course because of your doubts you see it as a illusion. What if you meet some people, and the people in this world presented you evidence that they are real, and even showed you events that have happened on earth. Would you still blow it of as a illusion once brought back to life?


  1. Yes. You’re likely to be seeing what you expect to see. Unless they showed me something genuinely prophetic – like something that actually did happen the following day.
    Then I’d start to think about it a bit more deeply.

  2. If you read near death experiences from India, people always report meeting Hindu gods. This is because when people die, their brain seems to produce imagery from what they expect to see. Sorry. It’s not real either.

  3. Yeah, because I know that it’s caused by oxygen starvation – the brain cells begin misfiring, causing hallucination.

  4. Attribute it to an imbalance of chemicals in my brain brought on by starvation of oxygen and the fear that my existence is almost over.
    I’ve had what you would call ‘near death experiences’ whilst on LSD and Salvia, the Salvia experience was almost like being a God myself.

  5. the only way i would believe it as truth is if something they said to me was something i did not know before, something like “Aliens will make contact with us on April 15th 2011” and if it did happen, I would believe it. unless of course it was after April 15th 2011, in which case i would already know it.

  6. I had an out of body experience when I was four. Nothing traumatic happened to me. I had not yet been exposed to religion. I lived with my mom who was not religious and never exposed me to church or anything. I met my guardian angel before I had ever heard the word or knew what it is. This is just something you know or you don’t. No one can convince you it is real and no one can convince you it is not. It is a deep spiritual experience that you know and have or you don’t.

  7. Justin, I was thinking that you died in the hospital!
    it is very difficult to answer your question because, every one loves to live in good health. Based on religious books and theology the questions are answered!

  8. Having had various NDE’s and three death experiences, I can tell you what is FAKE and what is not right off the bat when people talk about having had one. First of all when you die, you “shed” your “body.” You are nothing more that “energy.” Like electricity, you can’t be seen but can be “felt” and as for “seeing” others there, it is by meer illusion that take the form of something that looks like “smoke.” BAD spirits take the form of a dark shadow void of form, in this world as well as the next. As for being brought back to life, I have return “3” times and each time it’s like you are caught between two worlds. You can see to the other side at times which in plain words is “eerry.”


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