If you had a crystal ball, what would you want to know?

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Dame Mas Gasolina DURO!


Another Girl, another planet.

tonight’s winning numbers.


I’d want to know how I got the crystal ball.

Spekle D

If my shoe laces were tied


When i will ever get a gf

Jess Lush15

how hairy are my armpits

Lalla S



I don’t know, surprise me.


Nothing to be honest. Even tho im always curious about the future. I want everything to be a great big surprise. Plus i like surprises. Unless they are bad.

Twlight fan 2009

will i get a boyfriend in the future lol


who I’m going to marry or when am I going to die


lotto numbers

1thousand is super fantastic

What hobby will I have by the time I die? I need one and so far it’s been a few years trying to decide on one.


If I make it into the college I want to.

Aliyah P



how the damn thing works


i would want to know about my future in fashion world.


if my grandma was okay up there in heaven
i love and miss you grandma!


who would my first kiss be

Innit Mahnn!

the future.. which uni i’d go to, who i’ll marry, how many kids i would have, how i’d die ;D

*$♥suga iz soo flyy!!♥$*

nunya bidness homie XD ♥

Dont get Infected

if i could use it as a bowling ball

Rose of Cimarron

if I’m going to be homeless

ańīMë ŁűɅɇʁ

learn to speak multiple languages (about 7 languages).

Emma C

if i am to be a star


if this one guy at our school likes me! and if he likes me enough to go out wit me!


if I will have a wife of my dreams =P

MWAP (I am being nice.)

Just WTF, nothing else.


the answers to every test i’ll take

cAlLy GiRl

how the guy i like really feels!


what my life is like in a year.

Jo M

My career

Blue Rose

I would want to know if life is beautiful.

Al Bundy

If you would go on a date with me….hehe

milk man

where my under pants are

Chelsea L

Answers to my tests and the lotto numbers…hell yah be smart and rich without trying. Bonus!


Who the culprit is behind the beatings of my darling son! Seriously, no one has been of much help to me, so I’m going to find the perpetrator myself!

I'm Just Dallas

Why does it feel warm and kinda spongey, and why is there only one?

Mdme. Mango Keeps it real

When my adult daughter is going to pull her head out of her…….heindy.

nurse.susie has ♥

Where will I be April 30th?


Am I gonna get laid tonight


Am I gonna get laid tonight



Habit Forming

Whatever it is that my lazy azz co-worker knows about the boss that keeps her from getting fired!


I’d want to know how the crystal ball knows anything at all…

Reverse Cowgirl aka Sassy Gal

How much longer before I get laid? My toy is tired and needs a break.


How not to break it while having sex

Racheal Loves Holio

If I stay with my fiance if it will work out..
If I will ever win the lottery.. If I won’t I will quit buying them..
If my fiance is going to start having more sex with me.. he says I am a sex addict.. he is stupid.. I just like to do it AT least one to two times a day.. the least..
when my vibrator will run out of batteries next..
when are we going to build our new house or if that is ever going to happen.. Damn, I could sit all day on this question!! lol.

el domingo

What type of genetic mutation was this?


what is the easiest method for astral projection?

i tried astral projection for the first time yesterday. I cleared my mind and got to the point where I couldnt feel my body...

What are the Reptilians and what do they have to do with obama's socialist new world order?

This question has been removed twice now. Coincidence? So did my question about what les paul to buy... wow. ANYWAYS!! what are reptilians and what...

Christians, What does Theosophy do for the wisdom of God?

Christians, What does Theosophy do for the wisdom of God or is it the wisdom of God? Try to answer without searching...

Does anyone know where i can find a complete photo list of hello kitty tarot cards with lables and instruction?

So i can print them and know how to use them please have lables and instructions i can print
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