Home Discussion Forum If you had a crystal ball, what would you want to know?

If you had a crystal ball, what would you want to know?


  1. Nothing to be honest. Even tho im always curious about the future. I want everything to be a great big surprise. Plus i like surprises. Unless they are bad.

  2. What hobby will I have by the time I die? I need one and so far it’s been a few years trying to decide on one.

  3. Who the culprit is behind the beatings of my darling son! Seriously, no one has been of much help to me, so I’m going to find the perpetrator myself!

  4. If I stay with my fiance if it will work out..
    If I will ever win the lottery.. If I won’t I will quit buying them..
    If my fiance is going to start having more sex with me.. he says I am a sex addict.. he is stupid.. I just like to do it AT least one to two times a day.. the least..
    when my vibrator will run out of batteries next..
    when are we going to build our new house or if that is ever going to happen.. Damn, I could sit all day on this question!! lol.


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