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If you had a choice, would you like to have your third eye opened?

If it’s true that we all have a third eye, would you choose to see through them? i think i’m gonna die of fright if i begin to see things!


  1. oh yeah! it’d be awesome to see things again – the “gift” left me in my early 20’s, and i’ve been trying to restore it since…

  2. It’s easy to say if I want to open my third but not all the time it can be promised that I’ll see all the good looking spiritsghostselements. You can’t stop it anymore when you see worse things in front of you. Yes it is true that all of us were born with third eye and it will be in our own choice if we want to open and develop it. Some people are born with their third eye opened already, some are afraid to have it and some wants to have it.
    There are also many advantages of having it since you can see them or if not…feel them around you.

  3. That’s funny that you ask this because when I was a kid I had this really scary ‘paranormal’ experience and since then I haven’t had anything ‘paranormal’ happen to me. I was very spiritual as a child, and when I look back to that one and last experience it really wasn’t that scary, but more just misunderstood. I wish my third eye would open up again, and this time I won’t shun from it, but try to see the bigger picture instead.

  4. No, because your 3rd eye could be open like a portal to another world; You could see somethings your wouldn’t want to see.

  5. It takes a lot of work and preparation to open your third eye, for good reason. You can’t just open it like that. It takes years of yoga and meditation. By then you are ready for it.

  6. Some people don’t even have to choose, they can already see through it. I really think opening it depends on you if you can accept the pros and cons of it. I’m still debating if I want to or not. One friend of mine tried it and it freaked him out. People are only scared of things they don’t understand.

  7. is that you in that picture it looks niice!
    well ofcoarce..i been trying to use it!!!
    but its a little harder than i thought…..
    i want to use it to see faeries and other wonderful
    no ur not on crack..lol
    i know about this…………..♥
    take kare

  8. I dont think so… Im the only one in my family of four, who’s third eye isnt open and they have had some pretty scary experiences… most of the time I think that ignorance is bliss


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