If you feel a tickle in your Third Eye, does that mean you're meditating correctly?

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Whenever I meditate, I feel a tickle in my Third Eye.

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its pretty common, dont worry
haha had 2 look it up.. at first i thought u meant a third eyeball.


First off, why are you asking this in biology? And second off, what do you mean a third eye? What religion do you practice?

BIGgourami (Back From the Dead)

it means you got some metaphysical dust in it
as long as you’re not feeling it in your Whispering Eye you should be alright


Yes!!!! you are doing it right.I don’t know your religious belief but i will answer this question as if you are christian. I meditate almost everyday to be closer to my almighty father (God), and i feel the exact same thing.Don’t let these other people discourage you, because most of them probably don’t even believe in God or anything unseen or immortal. The reason why you feel this may is because God likes that you are trying to get closer to him so he wants you feel a tingle whenever you are in the presence of God.
(based on if you are christian)
Proclaim his gospel in truth, and be proud to be a child of God!!!


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