If you ever attend a religious service for whatever reason, what goes through your mind? ?

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I’ve had the ‘pleasure’ of attending a religious wedding or two. I felt like an anthropologist observing the primitive rituals of a newly-discovered jungle tribe, complete with ritual cannibalism, magic gestures, and incantations.

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Sounds like you are hanging out with the wrong crowd.

Mabel B

In all honesty, i just think i wish they would hurry up and get on with it. I find it totally boring.

Love Canada

Don’t get out much eh?


When is it going to be over or why do intelligent well read people still belive in kids stories.


Well, i have recently attended one too. I like the fact that people try to attain divine blessing for their relationship. Kinda quaint. Also if they believe “god” is watching over them, it can only be for the better? No?
Weird experience though! For sure!

great gig in the sky

Probably a function of maturity more than anything else.

Averell A

3 things:
1. To worship God
2. To fellowship with others
3. To proclaim my faith


I thought ,, These people are NUTS!! they believe in an invisible man who is all powerful yet does nothing when a 3year old baby is about to be raped and killed.


A half ounce of pure, uncut crystal methamphetamine fresh from the cook…all to myself ! That’s what I think about.


I went to a Christian friend’s youth group once.
They all sung about Jesus and flailed their arms around and I went to go sit down.
Then a pastor talked nonsense about how nobody is really happy except Christians.
Haven’t gone to one since, and I don’t plan on it.

Masked Troll

Shut up! Shut up! Yep exactly what I thought


I know what you mean! I mean, how much can you talk about Jesus? Yet, we still do not know his favorite food or football team.
Real yawner!

Please Don't Lick Me 3.0!!!

I hope I get to attend a Satanic wedding someday.


how good it will be when everyone can stop looking for God becausewe find him and don;t lose him


Google Lanciano eucharistic miracle, this will give you an understanding of truth.

Frou Frou

funerals for me, and i just think i wish this was over, cry cry,
cry cry cry
i want to go home
what do i say, what can i say
cry cry cry
cry cry
should i sing or not, no , no i wont, peopel notice me not singing dont they
cry cry
yes he was a good man, cry cry
i dont believe that, that sounds silly to me
thats him in there, cry cry
never see him again, ever cry
oh no singing again, cry
see ya , cry cry cry cry
thats them going to burn up
cry cry
them in there, their body, but not them cry
where are they…cry
ok what now, line up, what shoudl i say
‘im sorry, he was a great guy’
ah at last i can go home and take it all in properly now
(too much ;-D )


The purpose of the liturgy is to demonstrate the connection between what happens here on earth, and the eternal reality of the event, in the heavenly realm.
Mat 7:6 Give not that which is holy to dogs; neither cast ye your pearls before swine, lest perhaps they trample them under their feet, and turning upon you, they tear you.


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