by Love Conquers All:

Wouldn’t a person like that never have any peace again if word
got out? Wouldn’t you be chased around like the greatest celebrity in the world? Also, since your vital energy would be depleted with each healing and you could only peform a certain number of healings before having to recover for a period of time, wouldn’t your OWN life be in danger?
Here is a true story: I was at a friend’s house when her mother accidentally burned her right hand on the kitchen stove. I saw my friend place a tissue over the burn and touch it lightly with her right hand. When she removed the tissue, her mother’s hand was as good as new! I gasped and nearly fainted, and “Molly” (as I’ll call her) said she had known for years that she could do this, but had kept it secret. Now I have to keep her identity secret also.

Answer by Jaws 23
I would keep it a secret
But I would still heal people without them knowing (like in hospitals)
If you didn’t keep it a secret, other countries would come after you so you couldn’t heal soldiers or whoever. Or they would capture you to work on their side…


  • You can only keep it a secret for a certain amount of time. You also need to know the extend of your ability. You need to weigh in what is important to you.

    My opinion is to first reflect what you wish to do in your life and what is very important to you. Once you have that resolved, then consider the following suggestions.

    A person must learn the full extend of the healing ability and how it works. You can patent it for research so you can help millions or billions of life. You can also make a large sum of money so you can hire lawyers to protect your legal rights, hire best security guards to protect you and give you privacy, hire top scientists and doctors so your live will not be in danger when you use your healing abilities. You also can use large sum of money to help people who are poor and finance other good charities.

  • I wouldn’t tell anyone.
    But I’d heal any hurt person I came along too.
    Slowly, not like *WOW*

    THat way it will seem semi-natural

  • The answer to your question really depends upon the person answering it. You are essentially asking, would you give your life for others.

    For myself, if I were given a gift such as this, I would certainly believe that I had been given the gift so that it could be used and shared — even if it totally disrupted my life.

    Since you have stipulated that my vital energy would be drained each time and that it would take time to heal myself so that others might be healed, I believe I would try to work out a triage type situation where I would help the people who are most ill first. For instance, if someone would die immediately without help, they would get help first. Someone who has a disease that takes years to kill them would get help later. That way, I could save more people.

    If I happened to die helping people because I had depleted my energy too far, then at least I would die knowing that I had fulfilled a great purpose with my life and knowing that I had saved many people.

    So, yes, my death would be worth saving many.

  • You would have to balance responsibility to help with your own welfare. With great power comes great responsibility, but on the other hand if you died, fewer net people would be saved.
    But certainly you would have to keep it secret. If not, you would be kidnapped and compelled to heal at others’ commands.

  • Yes, you would be overwhelmed with the people always at your door wanting you to fix them. I would keep it a secret. But I am afraid I would feel bad, knowing I could heal people and not using that power to its fullest. And it would be difficult to pick and choose who you might heal – only infants? only really influential people? only people that made it worth your time? only the sickest? the most religious? only the ones you like? It is a burden I would not want.

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