Home Discussion Forum if you could use a voodoo doll to hurt anyone you choose,...

if you could use a voodoo doll to hurt anyone you choose, would you?


  1. you
    But it’s a lot better to just go punch someone in the face than to mess around with something that 50% pretend and stupid and 50% evil and demonic.

  2. Not to hurt them, but maybe to teach them not to do bad things. Like a terrorist, every time he wanted to bomb or kill I would stick a pin in. He would learn that bad things lead to pain… Maybe!!

  3. My enemies of course … if I had any…
    ( honest: Voodoo is not funny · it is no game ….
    I f U do wrong, maybe the curse comes back to You !!!! )

  4. hmm dont know. probably nobody because thats just weird but if i was that kind of person then i would definately choose this idiot of a guy named cory that wont leave me alone!!!

  5. It is not a game and it is real. Don’t even open the door. What goes around comes around…3 times harder. I would never use a voodoo doll. I would never want to hurt anyone, and if someone hurt me, I would pray for them and remove myself from that person. Vengeance is the Lord’s not mine.
    Be Blessed!

  6. Oh yes I would for sure there is one person I work with that i would love to use the voodoo doll treatment on she is nasty to everyone yet tries to be your friend to your face.
    Yes most definately in that case i would.

  7. Yes, I’d like to know whether it actuall worked. However based on the fact that I’m too lazy to make a doll it would probably be Cher, Boy George or Michael Jackson.


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