Home Discussion Forum If you could pick from these psychic powers, which would you choose?

If you could pick from these psychic powers, which would you choose?

Telepathy (read people’s minds)
Telekinesis (move things by just looking at them)
See spirits


  1. telepathy most def, but telekinesis is a close second. I’ve always wondered what people are really thinking

  2. telekinesis would be cool. I’d move those lotto balls to my benefit! Oh yeah. Then I would make sure madonnas nasty ass was covered at all times. UGH!

  3. probably telekinesis. seeing spirits might get freaky. and if you have ever seen the movie what women want with mel gibson and helen hunt..you will learn that you dont always want to know what everyone is thinking. but the one i would pick that isnt on the list is..to fly. that would be just awesome.

  4. Telepathy, as long as I could turn it off, telekinesis otherwise.
    See spirits? That would be insanity, not a psychic power, since there’s no such thing.

  5. telekinesis… i would love to be the phoenix lol
    i know she has telepathy too but if i had to choose, it would definitely be telekinesis lol

  6. Its a tough choice between Telepathy and Telekinesis, I’ll say telekinesis though, because i think in the end i would be disgusted to find out what people are really like (through telepathy)

  7. Telepathy definitely..haha..im readin from your avatar, that you are jealous of my dog..now am i right?..muahhhaaa

  8. Telekinesis
    I personally think life will be too complicated with telepathy….and seeing spirits will probably make a person very jumpy.

  9. Telekinesis. I don’t know that I believe in spirits, and I would go crazy with Telepathy…either taking it too far, not being able to stop, not being able to shut everything out, etc.

  10. I would rather have telepathy but it is kind of hypocritical to pick that because I would not want other people to be able to hear my thoughts.

  11. Telepathy. Power is in knowledge, not force. If you’re psychokinetic, you can still die. If you know what everyone wants, what makes them tick, how to hurt them, their deepest fears and secrets, etc., you’re invincible.

  12. Telepathy is my choice for when my Dad (May his soul rest in peace, Amen!) was srill alive, we used to communicate via telepathic way.

  13. I would pick telekinesis of the ones that you listed.
    If I could pick any superpower, however, it would be the ability to heal people. I would put that to good use.
    Initially I thoguht telepathy but that would be a curse after a while.

  14. telepathy.
    Though, it’s already really easy for me to read people as it is. I’m like a mixture of Jasper and Edward from Twilight. (yes, I know “powers” don’t really exist). But if they did, I’d probably have them. lol.

  15. telekinesis, so my house could be clean by no doing it!! lmfao
    i think i would be too hurt if i could read peoples’ minds.

  16. I’d like to see spirits because a) I could help people b) wouldnt it just be plain cool? c) I could learn things about the past. d) I could make new friends, be friends with a person no-one else could see how cool would that be hee hee?
    And well I can’t really think of anything else excpet i wouldn’t choose telepathy because I believe peoples’ minds should be kept private I believe its a right coz your own imns the only place where you can and should be able to keep a secret, telekinesis sounds ok but speaking to the dead really pops out at me.


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