If you could make a voodoo doll of someone, who would it be and why?

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Lighten up vika, it’s not a serious poll here lol : )

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Oh I couldn’t do that or could I.


no one.


it wud be all the crappy politicians, so i can get them to stop being corrupt- at least i wud help weed out corruption.

ஐ Becca ஐ

My form Tutor! I hate him soooo much! >:(

Kяī§tψ™ (ie </3 elmo!)

No one, that’s kinda scary .
To make someone :X

No Name



Dubya. He’s a complete idiot and needs togo away.


Oprah, I’d make her jump off a bridge

Brenda K

robert mugabe


who would DO that seriously??? i think its just horrible…..even if i hated a person SOOO badly i would still not do a voodoo doll cos its just ridiculous!


my ex-best friend
cz i simply hate her
and why on earth i have 2 got guilty
i know she is into witchraft and so..i am
i anw have already made hae a voodoo


my ex !

Ruby-Soho (oh no!!)

Heheh Delilah hon! It would have to be…. of that HORRIBLE man who commentates on the horse racing – John McCririck (spelling?) Grrrrr – he is a complete sexist buffoon, and I would take great pleasure in sticking pins in him! I HATE him with a vengence!! :oS xxxxx Great question!! xxx


My husband and his beyotch. I’ll make them get stuck together the next time they have a shag. The only way to separate them would be to break there legs!

Sudeep King of Scorn

U.S athletes with greased palms.


One of my “ex” friends. She was my best friend for a year when I got together with my boyfriend and hasn’t uttered one word to me since. She walks past me in the street without even saying hello. Unbelievable.


I would make a voodoo doll especially for murderes and people like that but definately not for anyone else – i mean, would anyone apart from the above really deserve that?

Angela N

my ex….he is a pain


Tom Jones because i hate the song Delilah.


I would make a voodoo doll of Robert Mugabe and make him hang himself because he’s nothing but a corrupt, cold-hearted murderer.


Holly Boubourous. DIE BlTCH!!!


A coworker who is rude, selfish, self-centered and a back-stabber.

Streakin' Deacon

The evilest man in Singapore ,a wife beater and child abuser ,but his day is coming voodoo or not !


our [former] bestfriend, Adrian. ((((;
lmao, he’s (hmmm, what’s the right term?) very busy..

MCRist <3 [Anti-JB Fangirls]

Ex-Friend Keith cos hes a best friend stealing twat. I actually would make a voodoo doll of him =D


RUSH LIMBAUGH the biggest sexist(sp?) pig there ever was or has been and his faithful follower my ex fiancee who sucked up all the best years of MY life and left me after 14 freakin’ years and “finding himself”

bwmorency #3

Bush, need I say why?


Id make a likeness of Gordon Brown…and everytime he made a wrong decision, I would poke him in the @rse with a pin…!!


Kat on big brother – she annoyed the hell out of me lol

Terraplane Blues

my boss


I would like to make voodoo dolls of serial killers, rapists, child and animal abusers so they can feel similar pain to the type of pain they inflict on their victims.

the mad 1

If I was to do it, it would be my ex, but I have no intention to, not me, never. (hahahaha) 🙂


One of my Ex-boyfriends only because he was such a jerk and the pins would give him some payback.


McCain.So i could make him do stupid things and let Obama win.


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