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If you could look into a crystal ball?

If you could look into a crystal ball and see that a child would end up in foster care, would you rather them be adopted at birth, or go through foster care?
Gaia, that’s the best idea yet.


  1. if they were going to end up in foster care, then i would hate for them to be adopted at all.
    two seperations are worse than one.

  2. Adopted at birth for obvious reasons…. The child will be put through much less stress… actually probably little to none at all if they are brought up by a loving adopted family.

  3. adopted at birth. the foster care system in this country is not the best by any means. Moved from place to place, never knowing when it was going to happen, losing friends, and any sense of stability is out the window. Never having a home to really call your own. And then when you hit age 18, basically tossed out.
    With adoption, a child has a chance at a stable home life in most cases.

  4. adopted at birth. There are wonderful foster care families out there, but there are also many that aren’t so good. It’s also hard on gets to get moved around over and over. If a baby is adopted then they have that stability and love from birth. It’s harder for an older kid to get adopted, so you run the risk of them never finding a loving family. Also, if a child is in a situation in which they might get put into foster care, many times that situation will harm them more than any foster care could no matter how young they are. I have seen kids as young as 2 or 3 suffer from the things they saw before they went to foster care.

  5. In your scenario, adopted at birth.
    And for that matter, I’d love to be able to see what things would have been like for some adoptees if they had remained with their birth families.

  6. First of all, I wouldn’t look into a crystal ball..pretty witchcraft-like. I would rather live life in surprise and to the fullest without anyone/anything telling what my future will hold.
    Well, according to your question, “If”..
    Isn’t being adopted meaning that their parents would be a “foster” parent, meaning that they will go through “foster care”?
    I think they should be adopted to GOOD and trusty parents who really want a child.

  7. Hi Honey.. I would rather they were adopted at birth, allot less stress..
    I love your pic, very pretty.. You look very friendly and approachable..
    If I saw you through my crystal ball I would hug you and never let go..
    I would watch you, keep you safe and secure, make sure you were successful in everything you did… I would make you happy and keep that pretty smile shining and glowing..:-))))))
    Have a great week babe..:-))))

  8. But most women that would even consider adoption as an option prior to birth are NOT the women that would harm their babies.
    Totally different demographics.
    How about helping women to parent – rather than taking their children from them. And who would deem one woman over another to be a ‘good mother’.
    Slippery slippery slope.
    Yes – I know where you’re coming from – every child does deserve a loving and stable home. But why do we have to delete their previous existence – change their names – not allow them contact with their past and genetic links – and make that child be forever grateful for being in the sh*tty position that landed them being separated from one family and handed over to another – often of no relation to the first??
    So so much more complex.
    And that’s what too many – especially in the US – just don’t get about adoption in general.
    Too many see it as having a child of there own – when they were unable to have one biologically.
    And it’s not.
    Never has been.
    Never will be.
    And for those that pretend it is – just end up hurting children even more.
    *end rant*

  9. Adopted at birth, with a SLOW transition (after all, the child wouldn’t need to be in foster care YET if they were just born)…so, if no abuse has yet occurred, but everyone knows it WILL occur if the child is not adopted, then a slow transition would be best, with the first mother very involved in the process. With safety precautions, of course, to prevent the abuse from ever happening.
    BTW, that’s not how crystal balls work. Wouldn’t it be great if they did work that way, though?

  10. The less of two evils would be adopted at birth.
    But, if I had another choice, it would be to be eaten by a pack of hungry wolves.
    Why? Foster care sucks and the loss of natural mom sucks too.
    And if I was eaten by wolves, they would get fed and I would not have to suffer either evil.


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