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If you could choose to have a voodoo doll to play with … Who would be your victim ?

f life … it is my picture honey …
… bring on the voodoo lol


  1. This kid in my class who annoys the heck out of every single girl in my class, he’s really annoying and makes up something to make fun of for every person UGH

  2. meheh… whosoever is unfortunate enough to piss me off that day. today… it would be Phillip… my dear sweet Phillip…. why did you do that!!!!!???? hes such a jerk sometimes…

  3. What a fun question!
    I think I would use my voodoo doll to give George Bush a nasty rash……and maybe a stick in the eye.

  4. It would have to be our Health Minister. It would be nice to see her seeing another side to the health service. I would not kill, just teach a lesson

  5. everyone who’s hurt me in the past,the pedophile freaks who almost kidnapped me and my best friend when we were 8….or my homophobe of an uncle.

  6. EITHER THE BEATLES OR MICHELE OBAMA… actually thats not a very good idea they might do the same thing to you all too.. anyhow we are voodoo dolls already arent we… doctors nurses needles……………

  7. If it must be someone real, I’d take one of the Jonas Brothers and TORMENT them. But if I could have absolutely ANYONE…….I’d take Chris Thorndyke. I freaking HATE him!! I WANT TO MAKE HIM SUFFER!!

  8. My guy enemy (gay!! in the closet) that stole my ex-boyfriend when we were dating from me and now they’re bff’s. My ex-bf got brained washed, kinda.
    And I wanna tickle my enemy to half-death. He hates tickles. He’s a “don’t-you-dare-toching-me-or-I’ll-tell-my-mama-whose-a-lawer-and-I-can-also-steal-the-rest-of-your-friends-and-by-the-way-don’t-you-even-dare-to-show-up-in-my-birthday-party-next-month-you-know-May-15-ha-ha-you’re-not-invited-and-no-one-knows-I’m-gay-and-I-have-a-crush-on-that-guy-who-broke-up-with-you-a-month-ago-I-am-such-a-bad-boy” kind of gay guy.

  9. too many people, too little space…
    P.S. I am the Devil. See you in Hell! 😀

  10. oooo-tough choice. I think I’d voodoo with mark David Chapman–he deserves it for killing 1 of the most amazing musicians ever—John Lennon- (the Beatle’s)— for no good reason and then not even apologizing or anything and actually daring to request to be let out of jail–luckily he isn’t– I’d also voodoo whoever broke into George Harrison (the Beatle’s) house and stabbed his lung later making lung cancer treatment impossible and causing his death.—I’d voodoo all evil people if I could, but murders especially


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