If you could be any fictional character, who would you choose?

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What fictional character would you be and why?
I would choose to be Neo from the matrix because not only does he have all of these amazing powers but he is on a spiritual journey to become whole. He is trying to destroy his ego and so am I.

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I would want to be Q, then I could do whatever I wanted to.


I would like to be Dr Who then I could see all of time before me.

April J

I would be Aquaman.Or should I say Aquawoman. Could you imagine how great it would be to swim with whales,seals and dolphins? Telepathic powers to call every kind of sea creature and have them work with you to do good.Not to mention that you get to spend everyday at the beach!!!



Shawn D

I am a male, and do not wish to be female, but I would like to have the abilities that Mrs. Fantastic has, you know, telekenetic abilities that allow her to fly on invisible columns and she can make herself and other things invisible, not to mention invisible shields and such. Of course, I would be doing all kinds of neat tricks, I do not think I would ever be on the ground and rarely be visible. Also, I think it is Jean from the X-men? another female, but with telekenetic abilities. I think that Professor X has similiar abilities, so if he does, then it would be neat to be like him, although I am under the impression that Magneto has far more impressive abilities along these lines.
Of course Superman comes to mind. Green Lantern also has telekenetic abilities after a sort, which is amplified by his power ring to tremendous levels of both physical force and intelligence. But to me he basically has no abilities, it all belongs to the ring. That is something which I do not understand because I think the first thing I would order the ring to do is to reconstruct me with these abilities inherent.
Along these lines is Goku from Dragonball. His telekenetic abilities allow him to get stronger after each fight, to fly around, and to produce great bursts of energy, both offensive and defensive. He can also instantaneously teleport. Goku is pretty nice because he is humble, kind, and always tries to change the bad guy’s heart. The scary part about him is his connection to the dragon, which appears to be evil (and which causes a lot of trouble later since Goku always tries to use him for good).
I think it would be nice to have a lot of power that is good, kind, and perhaps hidden. Sort of like an angel, you know?
Along those lines, it would be nice to be able to heal people, to turn back time, to make them whole, sane, young, and vibrant, but I cannot think of a fictional character with those abilities. It would be a very difficult ability to use though, because you would need to know the person’s heart.
Someone mentioned Q, now there is power, but I always get the feeling that Q is inherently inept, evil, selfish, and somehow impotent when it comes to doing true good. That is why I would not want to be like one of the gods (Zeus, Hercules, Apollo etc).
George McWhirter Fotheringay (from The Man Who Could Work Miracles) is along those lines, but he was so unworthy of that kind of power. The modern remake of this movie was called Bruce Almighty, but that is blasphemous, I think that the old movie was along the lines of “what if a man could suddenly be given the powers of gods?” (a little more acceptable). In other words, it would be nice to have that kind of power, but he was not someone I would want to be.


I would be Fiona from the Chronicles of Amber. She can walk through shadow and literally go anywhere she can imagine, she has magical powers and she’s beautiful. If I could only live in Amber I don’t have to be Fiona though. I would be happy to be anyone who existed in that world.

k t

Hermione Granger from Harry Potter. She’s smart and talented

:) & :(

im a guy,and I DONT WANT TO BE A GIRL but i would like to have the powers of the goddess of love……cool……
🙂 and i want Pipers and Page’s powers(piper and page are characters im the hit series Charmed )i could freze time and teleport things and blow things up whith my mind……
verry cool!!!!……..:-)


I have to say… Awren.

True Deceptions

It would absolutely love to be Gimbo. A fictional character from a book that I’m writing. He is the strongest of all the warpers.


The Greek Goddess,Athena. Why you ask? I would get to see the Olympics for free, and I would always guard my beloved city, Athens.

Supermom, a.k.a Blue

I would choose Mystique, because it would be fun to trick friends with shape-shifting

Rev. Two Bears

I would like to be Sherlock Holmes.

Marvin R

Straight Arrow or The Shadow


i would love to be the aang from the avatar series.


Superman, then I could clean up a lot of messes in the world. Like taking the North Korean dictator up to about 40,000ft and dropping him in a volcano.

krista t

I love vampires. Selene from Underworld or Star from the Lost Boys.


I would chose the hulk because my favorite color is green!


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