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If you could be a fortune teller and look into a crystal ball and see the future, what would you see?


  1. I would see the Earth getting hit by a Comet in 2012. But a way to stop it….oh no it’s clouding up! I see a new beginning! I see a man slapping fruit from a woman’s hands! I see him cutting off a serpents head! The woman is crying! She’s apologizing to the man! The man is hugging her and telling her everything will be alright! They have a child! They have another child! The older one tries to kill the younger one the younger one runs to his father! The father grabs the older son and give him a good spanking! The older son apologizes to the younger son! They man and woman have more children! The World gets over populated! They make Star Ships to travel to other planets! They Spread like Cancer thoughout the ever expanding Universe! They never grow tired or old! It’s perfect!


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