If you could Astral travel awarely, and left this earth behind, where would you then aim for?





have had half a dozen and proved it by meeting others l knew who confirmed it the next day with a phone call. Really interesting stuff don’t you think?……brings out the doubters….here they come….Never eft the world bar 2 times, l was floating in the sky [if that counts?


  1. I do not astral travel intentionally. It just happens, the people I have met are strangers, and I am always protecting them from an entity that only I can deal with. But if I did do it intentionally, I would travel to find the answers to the universe. In this state I might actually get the answers . 🙂

  2. I wouldn’t mind Astral travelling to the world cup 😉
    Or a few more interesting places ……………………..:):)

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