If you call a male witch a warlock,then what is wizard and are there female wizards if so what are they called

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A witch or sorceress.


does it matter its just a title


A male witch is not a warlock, he is a witch or wizard. A warlock has a negative connotation and means “oath breaker”
I know people who consider themselves “wizards” they like it better then the word witch, because when you say witch everyone thinds female=)

John Paul

Enchantress? Isn’t that a female wizard?


a wizard is a nice a male witch on the good side female wizards are called white witches


a male witch is not a warlock. popular misconception. a male witch is a witch. and there are no such things as wizards, but if there were, both females and males would be wizards.

CLiff c

female wizards r called wizards lol, and a wizard is a person that conrols magic like the elements and makes fire and stuff and sometimes they make potions


a male witch or warlock is someone who performes and castes spell’s and curses. wizards can be male or female, but the term witch can be a potion and curse casting or a female wizard. the difference between warlocks and wizards is wizards use wands to cast their spells while warlocks just use there hands, but warlocks are a bit more ugly than wizards.

Clown Knows

No real difference except that witchcraft now-a-days tends to be a religion, and wizardry is supposed to be a solitary practice of magic without the religious overtones.
Same spells, slightly different outlooks.
Both are bad for your karma and damage your aura pretty much equally.

Rachelle Cadence of Shangri La

A magician, wizard, sorcerer or a person known under one of many other possible terms is someone who uses or practices magic that derives from supernatural or occult sources.
With that definition in mind, you would refer a female wizard as a “sorceress.”

Pepe LePue

I give up!


Well, depending on the tradition, male witches aren’t “warlocks” in the first place…
“Wizard” or “Sorcerer” in my experience is generally someone who deals with High Magic or Ceremonial Magic, much more elemental and much less spiritual.
“Warlock” in many places has a negative connotation as “oath-breaker” and many male witches (particularly those who are Wiccan) would likely be offended at being called a warlock.


male sorcerer-Wizard/Warlock
female sorcerer-witch




Well, let’s go back a spell…….(no pun intended). The word “wizard” comes from Middle English “wise” and “witch” originates from the same language as “wicce” or “wicca” generally denoting a wise person (someone that uses the craft of “the wise”). Warlock does mean “oathbreaker, liar, devil” again from archaic English but brings with it the Christian “devil worshiper” connotation. In modern terms, both male and female are witches.

Hoosier Daddy

Okay, a male witch is a “witch”, if we’re going to speak English according to Old English rules (humor me). The Old English root was “wic-“, which is “wicce” (witch-eh” if female and “wiccan” (witch-an) if male. Since we dropped the gender endings when Old English evolved, “witch” is for both male and female.
Oh, and contrary to the propaganda of dimestore wannabe pagans, the “wic-” root and words associated with it do NOT mean “wise one”. They mean “magic worker” or similar and are related to the root for “wicker” (which means “to bend”). Thus, a “wic-” is someone who can “bend” reality.
“Wizard” can apply to anyone who is really smart at any given topic. So, a particularly talented witch would be both a witch and a wizard–a wizard of a witch, that is.




What wonderful replies to this topic. It is my understanding of the Auld Way that a male witch was neccessary to make a Coven complete-the – 13th witch.But I know feminist groups who don’t think that is true. In the very very old days, Witchcraft revolved around nature, and this included sexual rites with a male and female witch.That again doesn’t neccessarily apply to now.There are Black Magicians, and Sorceresses who work on the Dark Side.They are satanic in their beliefs. I am a Wizard of the third step. Quite lowly in fact, my knowledge gleaned worldwide. I believe in the power of the Word, and the might of the Word, and the compassion of the Word.As it is, so shall it be.


Im hoping you can clarify something for me..I am new witch, studying through an on line wicca university..I happened across a page called the Male Witch, in which,..lol..someone had stated that there is no such thing as a wizard..a male witch is a male witch..Ive read various articles and am completely confused at this point. every article says something different. Some say there are wizards some say no..im not sure who the people are writing them enough to know whether they are actually experienced in the religion or if they are also just pulling up internet information..Could you please help me in this situation..your help would be gratefully appreciated. thank you

larry c

Haven’t you ever seen ” The Wizard of Oz “? with the old man behind the curtain with Toto barking at him while he tries almost in vain to man the controls? That’s a wizard. And a female wizard would be a ” wizardress “, or something like that!

The Angry Walrus

Warlock is just a common name used for a male witch but all in all male witches are just that, witches.
and frankly there is no right or wrong way to use it, even though some groups would throw hissy fits over it (Warlock)
but words for like Witch and Wizard they really don’t have gender applied to it.
but like Sorcer and Sorceress then we can idenitfy
male and female, etc.
1. Whatever the word and its origin, the reality is how we use it now. Many words have changed their meanings over the years to become something totally different from the original.
2. Warlocks did exist.
3. Warlocks are not satanists or figments of Hollywood any more than are Witches.
4. Being a Warlock is a legitimate title for a male Witch.
5. Witches and Warlocks are traditionaly outside of general society and each have their own special brands of magic, neither being inherently good or evil.

Panda Ravenstorm

First, a “warlock” mean “oath breaker”.. So its bad..
A “witch” can be male or female..
The difference between a “witch” and a “wizard” is that
A wizard practices magic as a science, and a witch practices
Magic as a religion..

Hutchie Pongo

Selena Gomez


I hope I can help with an understanding with the replies that follow. In the question from the the beginning if there are female wizards then that would be a yes being as such that wizardry is more of the study of the machinations of magick in other words how magick functions and works. This particulur subject in magick denotes that there are nowadays female wizards just titled wizard plainly. Witches are more of the subject on how to perform magick through various actions depending on the spell they cast. The titles however are only important to the individual who chooses the magickal reputation they have with what magick they do. Some are also born into the title be it a certain magick family. Thus In the end the name that can be termed can be stated to any witch wizard sorcerer and all others is called the gifted ones… Magickaly gifted that is. And who are they one might ask. It is everyone who is on this earth, capable of calling upon the magicks in the web of life. Besides magick is afterall, spiritual energy no more and no less. Ps I happen to be a mystical if any may ask and that is another conversation for another time. I bid you adeau.


Isn’t it strange women will bang about being called Witch and any male has then have except being called a Witch. Males have long been apart of true witchcraft -long before any wiccan type was invented and was also executed along side women. Wizards apart of the noble craft and always will be.


Wizards are cool; witches ain’t, yo.


Apparently there’s a lack of Magi commenting on this subject. Your knowledge of truth is based upon the use of your wisdom. No more, no less.


I have never heard such a concoction of rubbish in all my life. I am a male witch, not a warlock. I understand that there are many terms for a person that practices magic. By the way not all witches are religious and are therefore not wiccan. By the same thought process not all wiccans are witches as some don’t practice any kind of witchcraft.


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