If you burn Tarot cards will you be cursed?

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My family thinks for some reason that if you burn the cards then you will be some how cursed for some reason. So could anyoone tell me if that’s true.

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Cybele K

No! Silly notion, where did you get this idea??
Tarot cards are just a deck of cards…nothing nefarious about them.


NO! they are just a deck of cards, like if you drop a bible does the skies open up and send lightning crashing down upon you?! relax, you wont be cursed, and besides curses only work if you truelly believe in them


Maybe I should burn the bible. Just stupid people everywhere…


only if you believe you will!!





The Master Thespian

I once played poker with tarot cards. I got a full house and 5 people died.

The One

Only if it is the 5 of knives, other than that you can burn them all you like. *rolls eyes*


Sorry ; But burning a tarot card or deck of cards will NOT curse you or anyone else …


It won’t curse you, BUT if you want to get rid of a deck, MAIL THEM TO ME instead, hehe


have one card missing so thought no one wants
they are ryder waite cards


Give me a address I will mail you some of them

Mary bruce

hello, do you still have the tarot’s? I’ll take them off of your hands. I have been a palm reader for about 30 yrs now and my acuracy rating is about 98% or better. There have been a few men that didn’t know that they had kids but that’s about it besides that my acuracy would be higher. I’ve been reading tarots now for about 20 of those years as well and mostly confirm the palm reading with a tarot reading. It is good to have decks with different personalities. So do you know what is the history behind the cards that you have.?

Sadhara Satguru

Nope ~ not true.


Why would you wanna burn them anyway?


A woman just told me she bought some at a yard sale and came home and burned them. This is a result of being blinded by religion, who tells their “faithful” that tarot cards are evil. In her mind, she thinks she destroyed the evil in them. So glad I’m an Atheist and not a religious fool. LOL


God bless you! ☦️


Totally NOT true.

kymm r

yes, if you burn the cards you are essentially burning your fate/ life line this is why it is never done and cards are passed on down the generations.


never burn tarot cards. if the person that gave them to you believes they have power, if you believe they have power, or if the deck found you. You will be punished for burning them. besides why go to such lengths to destroy them when the trash can is probably 5ft away.


I am crazy about tarot cards,but i do not think you will be cursed if you do not beileve in them but if you do good luck


From a Biblical standpoint, tarot cards are simply a means to willingly invite spirits into your life as they need something physical to reside in–in extreme cases, a person.
Burning them is the best thing you could do as it will remove them from the item, and should remove their influence from your life… Unless, you’ve been dinking around with other spiritistic items, such as Ouija boards or participating in other spiritistic practices.

Spiritual Meditation

You can burn them if you think it will help, its not a bad thing.

Lisa Howell

Only way to destroy a deck completely is to drown them in water.. completely soak them face down.. and yea there are cursed decks of tarot cards.. it is essential to get them blessed and consecrated before you use them.. and metro them wrapped in Japanese Silk.. I learned this after I was given a cursed deck. Everyone I read for had major catastrophes happen within weeks.. the readings were very dark…a spiritualist minister told me to drown the deck..


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