If you bred Albert Einstein and Marylin Monroe together would you get very smart and beautiful children?

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Photo by jarryyi on Pixabay

Or children with the IQ of marylin Monroe and the face of Albert Einstein?


  1. The chances are 50/50 either way. Given the choice, I would take the good looks over the brains. People get further in the world that way. They are given more opportunities.

  2. That is such a funny question. I remember a special on TV about Geniuses.
    This lady wanted to have a child but she wanted someone athletic and smart. So she surveyed the smartest best looking man at the college and gave him money to donate sperm to the sperm bank so she could have this perfect child.
    Then they interview this guy who was the ugliest man I ever saw who looked nothing like the father. He was a B student who worked hard to keep a B average and even harder to get into a decent college. He felt his father was not a big benefit to his education. I thought there is no easy answers.
    I know a man who was the hardest working man I ever knew.
    Never stopped! who had two of the laziest men ever known to humanity.


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