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If you believe in reincarnation, do you believe that Jesus is living amongst us today?


  1. i believe in reincarnation but i believe it not only in earth but other galaxies and planets.
    yes possibly jesus could have reincarnated into a bird or something.
    or he could be a differe form of life in a different dimension or planet.
    there are many blank pages humans need to learn about our past future and present.
    in my opinion the bible is not enough.

  2. I have it on absolute and good authority that he does.
    The trumpet sounded on Monday 14th July, 2003 at Daddy’s bar, 440 Castro Street, San Francisco and Jesus suddenly appeared on the dance floor in the middle of the weekly underwear party.
    Billed as “a must stop for those into the leather/levi/bear scene”, Daddy’s was very busy and Jesus was immediately surrounded by well wishers eager to get to know him better. After sharing a number of wicked drinks, and having bought a round for everyone, Jesus disappeared,. It is believed he left in the company of Roger and Julian and rumour has it that he is now working at the Glama Rama Hair Saloon and Art Gallery. Apparently he has settled nicely. He loves the San Francisco scene and has no intention of going back to boring old heaven and being constantly pestered by Jerry Falwell.

  3. I do, and no I don’t.
    I have a Buddhist view of reincarnation; it is only necessary until it’s no longer necessary. Jesus was an enlightened being that would have no need to enter another body.

  4. I believe that if Jesus existed, he would never come back to this planet, simply because they would kill him all over agian.


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