Home Discussion Forum if you believe certain people have clairvoyant abilities?

if you believe certain people have clairvoyant abilities?

i have a quest. regarding this, you can comment if you like. i went to see a lady who had this ability some time ago and she was even hired by the cops, etc, so she was not a fake, plus she was a very good person. she mentioned this particular man twice (a romantic interest) but when i went for a second reading (and my last one) she mentioned him too but what surprised me was that she didn’t in fact say that was it and we’d be together. so that probably means he’s not the one right but then why did she mention him at all. understand i’m not addicted to these things but it was a nice piece of news 🙂 thanx


  1. Understanding the meaning of what she felt/see is a lot like a dream, it’s meaning is not black or white nor in concrete.
    Long ago, a man with salt & pepper hair was meant to change my life. My ex & I were seeing each other and his hair was salt/pepper grey. Turned out that my father passed away the following week and it changed my life; he, too, had salt/pepper hair.
    The point is that visions are not clear cut.

  2. I believe we all are born with abilities not mapped by the current standards of science. Clairvoyance is but one of many of these abilities.
    Did you ask her any questions? Does she encourage questions. She may not have been able to give you more than a feeling but that would have been something.
    Now. We all have free will. We are also part of a destiny. These are not exclusive. If the man in your life is to be a major part of your life , he will be. In one way or another he will contribute to your life experience and you will contribute to his. This does not mean he must fill the role of significant other for you. Going for readings to make these kind of life decisions is incorrect. Use them for what they are: tools. Then make decisions based on your feelings, intellect, and experience. It is why you have a beautiful brain and heart. Use them.

  3. Yes, as a matter of fact, I do. Since I was young, I had the ability to predict death in my dreams. They always happened the exact way I had dreamt; right down to mascara tear stains and circumstance. At first I was confused when they first began to occur and confided my dreams to my mother. However, I predicted death so accurately and frequently that my mother began to take my dreams very seriously. One night I had a strange dream that my brother crashed his car. When I told my mother about the weird dream just to strike up idle conversation, she began to cry for fear that my brother was about to die. I had to calm her down and explain that it wasn’t THAT sort of dream. I’ve experienced a great deal of paranormal happenings considering I grew up in a household with a malicious poltergeist. I know I wasn’t the only one to experience such events, because my mother and the animals in my home experienced it, too.
    It’s said that a human will only use about 14% of their brain throughout their lifetime. Clairvoyance, ESP, and the ability to experience the paranormal is much like an allergy. Some people are susceptible to it while others remain entirely oblivious. It has to do with a high sensitivity in the brain to electromagnetic impulses. Since the brain and nervous system are controlled by chemical electro impulses, it’s not at all far fetched to believe that a brain sensitive to electromagnetic impulses (the impulses that spark paranormal events) can pick up on the fluctuations in the atmosphere and become more likely to experience the paranormal. Ex.1.) A paranormal sensitive person and average person are sitting at a bar. The PS person feels a fluctuation in the atmosphere and their attention is drawn to a corner where they witness a beer slide across the table of its own accord. The average person never felt the fluctuation and never bothered to look in the corner to see the weird happenings. They think the PS person is nuts, because they never experienced anything. Ex.2.) A average person and a def person sit at a bar. The average person hears someone drop their glass. The def person never heard the noise and so never noticed a thing. The def person thinks the average person is nuts because by the time the def person looks, someone has already cleaned up the glass.
    Each person has strength is different areas of their brain. Some are inclined in the arts, others in the sciences. Some people are inclined toward a part of their brain that few can willingly tap. Imagine if humans used 100% of their brain. What wonders or horrors do you think we would find?

  4. I think it’s nonsense, but am open to the possibility that I could be wrong. I think that someone that really had those powers would be a world famous household name very quickly. Imagine all the good things she could do- save the world and help many many people. Plus, she could become a famous billionaire instead instead of selling her services for tiny amounts of money.
    I could be wrong, but that’s my 2 cents…..


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