If you Astral Project to the moon, is it dangerous to go to the dark side because some people never come back?

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Apparently ancient cultures used to believe that souls get trapped there and never come back. Ever heard of this?

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humans cant do this…

pumpkin kitty!

no. if you’re scared don’t astral project. simple


There’s a huge pink floyd laser show there. That’s why people never come back.


you deserve a star…

St. Lurid

Not to change the subjeck or anything, but I can’t spell wurth a damn. People are begenning to talk.

She It I do

Yes a long time ago
Every culture on earth has its own place that the soul goes to when the person dies
Fear of death made it necessary for each culture have a place that the souls went when the people die other wise
What’s the use of living a good life just get what you can get while you can get it no matter how that might be
Was the culture before any religion came into existence


No, it is not any more dangerous than projecting anywhere else.
I’ve never heard of anyone dying from a consciously induced projection. Maybe you could die while projecting from a dream while asleep at night(unconscious projection). The death would be from a physical cause, not because you projected to the dark side of the moon. BTW, There is light present on the “dark” side of the moon, just not as much as the light side.


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