if you are intersted in meditation, which is listening to god, and prayer means asking, this may interest u?

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http://www.near-death.com/experiences/cayce12.html, its from the man who coined the term chakra

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William T

Meditation is NOT listening to god. That might be how some people define it, but that’s not what it is. Also, near death experiences are nonsense, they have been scientifically explained. When a person is about to die the brain is deprived of oxygen and that’s what causes NDEs. You can have one in a centrifuge.

Chris F

William T has it right. Go see Bill Maher’s documentary Religuous and you will get an idea of just how bullshit religion is. If we stopped focusing and preparing for this supposed next life and start living this one, we may enjoy it much more. Meditation is nothing more than listening to your own subconscious ambitions.


What about eating god? I loves me some spaghetti.

Ninja Turtle AM (å¿è€…ä¹Œé¾Ÿã€æ— ç¥žè®ºè€…çš„ä½›æ•™å¾’ï¼‰

So you are doing advertisement for it? How much did he pay you? By the way, NDE are all bullshit.

Harvey Manfredjensenden

Um, Chakras are something first mentioned in the Upanishads, a Hindu text from around 500 bce. This guy must be hella old.
And meditation is simply clearing you mind while focusing on your breathing, not “listening to god”

John D.

It is funny how the other side marches so faithfully to their pied piper. Also couldn’t get to the website.

Corey W

God can talk to you in any way some times he gives you a gut feeling that you have to do some thing (but some times its just you) in the bible it says Mosses ( i think it was Mosses) was contacted by a burning bush
just keep your eye out and ears ready to listen at any moment


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