If you are clairvoyant or something similar, I really need your help and direction?

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I am not sure if this would be possible to do and I know some will have fun toying with me, but I want to see if anyone gets anything from me. I need direction and everything is/feels wrong. Can anyone help?
Thank you

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You need to find a clairvoyant in person (My grandma is one) they help you by using your physical energy e.g holding hands / sitting close.
😀 you need to speak to one of the people in person.
Good luck and god bless you.

Om Namah Shivay

Can you give us some small idea as to what kind of help you need? People read differently. In any case, you may want to speak with someone in person. Be careful…. You sound really upset, so you need to make sure you tread lightly. People tend to feed off that and could end up hurting you (financially, emotionally or physically). Good luck.
Blessing and Tranquility….


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