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If you are an "older" person, do you have dreams that seem like they take you to a specific point in your past

Well for the last few nights in a row, I have been having constant dreams in the setting of an old house I use to live in. It can be different themed, but majority of the takes place there. All I know in this part of my life where I was living there. I was becoming of age teenager and there was change in that was so extreme that it hurted me inside. Dreams I had at the time were about pain, and when I got inflicted with that I actually felt it. The truth I think my mind is trying to do is forgive any past regression and move forward from life pains. Do you agree?


  1. Possibly.. it is best not to dwell on things, I know people get paid to get you to spill the contents of your closet, but sometime the mind tend to embellish things beyond fact and them you find yourself believing things that are not true. It’s the past. we all have one.. find something worth your thought process, some thing that will make you a better person , and let the past bury its self.

  2. I hope that you will work your way through this dream and come to a point of triumph. I find that the mind has a timeline whereupon it feels at a certain point the person is ready to know something from the past. This should not be something that has to hurt you. I understand that you can physically feel the pain, or that you have before. That makes it much more likely to be a memory dream than a fantasy dream. If you can find a way to forgive the cause of the pain, do it. And may you be blessed and comforted during the process.

  3. I am in my sixties and yes sometimes [but not often] I do dreams about my first home ; the place I was born and raised and each time [it never lie ] I dreamed at my parents home the dream has a big message for me ; but you are saying that pain had been part of your life in this place ; so yes its time to let go


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