If welfare "induces a spiritual disintegration fundamentally destructive to the national fiber", why does?

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Obama want to expand it and “redistribute the wealth”
FDR in his 1935 State of the Union Speech said that welfare would “induces a spiritual disintegration fundamentally destructive to the national fiber.
However at that point in time we were in a “national crisis” so that bold moves had to be taken on a “temporary basis” to help people.
If something is destruction to the “national fiber” of the USA, why is Obama trying to “spread the wealth” with his stimulus program?
Jim C – temporary is defined as
tem‹…po‹…rar‹…y”‚ ”‚/ˈtÉ›mpəˌrÉ›ri/ Show Spelled Pronunciation [tem-puh-rer-ee] Show IPA Pronunciation
adjective, noun, plural -rar‹…ies.
—adjective 1. lasting, existing, serving, or effective for a time only; not permanent: a temporary need; a temporary job.
—noun 2. an office worker hired, usually through an agency on a per diem basis, for a short period of time.
How does 75 years fit into a temporary solution?

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Jim C

“However at that point in time we were in a ‘national crisis’ so that bold moves had to be taken on a ‘temporary basis’ to help people.”
You answered your own question.

Aunt Yobama

Liberals believe that wealth is static – anyone who makes money must be stealing it from someone else. Liberals dream of a return to a centralized, 1940’s urban environment. We all ride the bus from a small, dirty, big city apartment to an 8-5 union job. Yet, the liberal typically chooses a career which produces nothing of value – lawyer, bureaucrat, “activist”, etc. – and uses government to extract the wealth of others.


Look at American Indians the Gods Bless them they are so messed up by Government intervention


So some bloke back in 1935 said something that you agree with and you find it relative today? Wealthy people are scared of welfare in case they cant evade the tax it might take from them as for the disintegration thing ,well its not the fibre you need to worry about its the person,I know America isn’t a nation at the moment but when it becomes one it will follow the rest of the first world in taking care of its helpless,at the moment America is a collective of groups all out for their own gain


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