If we had a crystal ball to look into……?

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If we had a crystal ball to look into before being born……. would anyone else opt out?

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hummm thats a possibility

zaddi j (suspended by yaholes4)

i second that question

The Chair Wizard lll TEAM LIKE


Jordan 24

God knows so I try to not have any questions.

sarah kay

honey, it ain’t over till it’s over. frankly till now it sucked but i haven’t given up yet. it all sucked, and could be done so much better. but then again there were these few things that validated the whole thing SO FAR. remains to be seen.


S.K. makes a MIGHTY FINE POINT!!!!!!!!!!


why? Do we really expect everything to be perfect?
I for one, enjoy learning from mistakes…. Maybe that’s why I make so many of them :)) (My teachers always said I was a good student!)


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