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If we go to Heaven when we die, then why are people upset about dying?

I’m have a bit of an existential crisis. I don’t know why we’re here, we’re all going to die one day, and I think why not just get it over now? I’m not going to kill myself (even though I often want to, and I do see a therapist, take medication, etc etc but I’ve been depressed since kindergarten)
What I mean is, when they have a near-death encounter such as an accident, cancer, heart attack, why are religious/spiritual people so happy and thanking God for letting them live? I don’t understand that. If you believe you are going to Heaven, wouldn’t you want to get there ASAP?
And then when a loved one is sick, and they pull through, but they’re now incapacitated in some way, why are we happy that “at least they’re alive!” Wouldn’t they be happier in Heaven with God instead?
I would like to break out of this existential crisis & this is one of the issues with it that bothers me. Often life seems pointless and cruel, in my opinion, w/ all the suffering and abuse of children.
I do have a child. He is almost 3 and he is severely disabled from birth (quadriplegic cerebral palsy). I’m sure that this has further tainted my view on things. I would not kill myself and leave him here motherless.


  1. I don’t fear death. I do, however, fear PAIN.
    The suffering and loss we feel when someone passes on is not for THEM, but for US. We are less because they are no longer part of our lives.

  2. people are afraid of what death might be for them. so they make up heaven to bring comforts to their fears.
    but i think we will not be conciousnessly aware after death so it matters not for me.

  3. Good question. I think the truth lies in the fact that most people realize that their after life fate lies in the hands of the creator. Nobody really knows where they are going after they pass.

  4. Because you would think that it is not your time..you wanna live with your family and see you kids having kids and live a happy life.

  5. They are upset because it is scary, I don’t think anyone wants to die, they want to be on the planet with their family.

  6. When someone dies and there is a funeral…the funeral is not for the dead – but for the living.
    When a loved one “pulls through” they’re happy because they wont be separated from them.
    When we have near death experiences but survive, we’re happy because we’re still with our loved ones.
    It’s not about “oh man I’m so sad I didn’t die to see Jesus” it’s “atleast I have more time with my family”
    also, you don’t know where you’re going.

  7. I was listening to an old gospel song a while back. It was about a Christian man who was sick and dieing. The point of the song whether God healed him or he died he was a winner either way. If God healed him, he would be healthy. If not then he would be in Heaven. God has a purpose for us here on Earth. We cannot rush our trip to Heaven. We need to do the work that God has for us. Suicide is a sin and would prevent us from going to Heaven.

  8. We know we still have a purpose on Earth. I am not affraid to die but I want to stay for many reasons. For one I take care of my parents and next I get to learn and teach about Jesus there are many other reason why I am glad I am here but I won’t have a problem when it comes time for me to leave.

  9. Oops! Just asked a question that shows a bit of brain power! Hard one for the many “heaven-fans” out there. Here’s another difficult one: If they are so anxious to get to the lord Jesus – what are they going to do there? The Bible actually does say – but how many of the “warm-fuzzy-Christians” actually know why some people are going to heaven! For me – Psalm 37 says – they meek will inherit the earth and reside forever upon it….way to go – life here on earth!

  10. I like the earth that He has given to us. I like the time that He has given me as well. I’m happy to spend whatever amount of time he gives me and when it’s my time I’ll be joyous to transition to a closer relationship with him. I’ve trusted Him every step of the way and he hasn’t lead me wrong. I have no reason to think that he would start just because I die or something. Thank God.
    My younger sister just transitioned last week. I’m happy that her suffering is over but I will miss her.

  11. Honestly..I felt the same way you do before I had a child. Now I fear leaving her here without me. I know some day it will happen, but I have a will to live long enough to see my great grandchildren. The love that takes over your body and soul when you are a mother is indescribable. Just because the possiblity of paradise waits for you, doesn’t necessarily mean you are ready to leave the love you have on earth.

  12. I’m not afraid to die.. I am however afraid of suffering a horrible death. but the point of passing over dosent scare me one bit.. i look forward to being with the lord.

  13. This life is a trial and a test to find who of God’s creation deserves a reward and who deserves a punishment, as long as we are alive we can change and improve, maybe people feel that they are unsure if they will get heaven so getting another chance to do better would improve their chances, it never hurts to give more correct answers before the test is graded, also all we experience is this life and we are programmed to survive so it is part of our human nature that God gave us to want to preserve our life, I think the combination of these two factors makes people celebate escaping death at least for a little while.

  14. You’re point of view is coming from your personal issues of depression.
    Those who have the reality of heaven are not “upset” about passing but at the same time they know that they have a mission to fulfill which is lead others to this same reality that they too can have.
    A near death encounter makes you appreciate life. You don’t take it for granted.
    Those with a real revelation of heaven are ok either way but they don’t go out trying to kill themselves when it is not their time. Let God decide when it is time, he may have something for you to do or someone you need to minister to that only “you” can reach.

  15. Not everyone will go to Heaven, only the TRUE Christians will get there. If God has them pull through he obviously is giving them more time to be born again, and get right with God. Then they will be able to get to Heaven.

  16. Actually, I can’t wait to die and see my Lord. But in His time and
    not mine. This is the only time on earth that we can rack up the
    rewards that are waiting for us. Many will make it to heaven
    and have no rewards. So, I also want to learn more in the Scripture to take with me. Once we get here it’s going to be
    a continual learning time and all types of wonderful things
    we in our “earthly” minds can’t fathom. Plus, many Christians
    are taught and live in fear and live like this earth is all there is.
    Ps. 119:25 My soul cleaves to the dust, revive me according to Your Word.

  17. Ahh, but we would miss their company and companionship.
    No one wants to die, no matter how great heaven is. What am I going to miss? Will I not see the Cubs win a world series? My children having children of their own? Bowling a 300 game?
    heaven can wait

  18. To a depressed person, you make sense. But what if you are in love with someone. What if you want to see your children experience the happy life and fall in love. I know I’ll be happier in heaven but I have business here on earth. I love helping others and contributing to mankind. I am not afraid of dying anymore but I do wish to see more of life and see my children grow older.

  19. because deep down inside we know whats gonna happen: are souls are going to be RIPPED OUT OF ARE BODIES, AND WERE GOING TRAVEL THROUGH SPACE IN TIME INTO ANOTHER DIMENSION WHICH IS HEAVEN! thats one wild ride. hold on tight.

  20. Because we all hold life dearly we love one another! loss makes us hurt! we want to avoid it even though inevitable!
    If you want peace invite Jesus Christ into your life! Then you know where you are going, life is not perfect, but is better!

  21. U really have to accept that there is no “god”. Only Nature, Nature’s Course, and Natural Selection. Once U realize that no one is sitting on a throne just itching to judge U and condemn U to an imaginary “hell”, U will realize the true beauty of Nature. Nature is constant change and energy in transition. When U die there wont be “pearly gates and streets of gold with mansions on high”, there will only be the transition to the next life. That doesn’t make this life any less precious. Every day is a lesson to learn so that we can move beyond this plane of existence and the next and live again.
    Good Luck and feel free to email if u like.

  22. Like all children we are afraid of the unknown.
    I was with my Dad as he died. About 18 hours passed from the moment he told us he knew he was going to die that day (he had metastatic cancer he had been fighting for some time) and his actually dieing.
    At 1st he was afraid, and said so. But as he worked through the dieing process, he began to relax and accept. At one point he actually was talking to a pretty lady.
    While my heart was broken that day and miss him terribly (13 years later), I will never forget that day. Watching him, his faith holding strong, his body losing the fight. I do know, after this experience that he is out of pain and happier now, but that doesn’t mean I don’t still yearn to see him. I still pick up the phone to call him out of habit.
    May God bless you and help you through your depression to a fuller, healthier, happier life.

  23. Sad feeling is an evolutionary product.
    Social creatures like us have the “fear of lost of other”. It’s an instinct that needed for our survival back then.
    Then came religions that tell us there is a heaven up there and becomes a comfort, but our instinct frequently much stronger.

  24. It is natural for us to fear the unknown. And a little correction, not everyone who dies go to heaven. God is willing to save but not everyone is willing to be saved. I think what really scares people about death is the fact that they will be leaving the people they love. There are two sides of the same coin, it is true that at certain times life is cruel and not worth having. (I have been there myself ^_^) but that is just one side. When you see people doing random acts of kindness, when you see the smiles of your family memebers, when you laugh with your friends. These moments of life makes it all worth it. I suggest you fix your eyes at these brighter side of life. Happiness is not an emotion, it’s a choice.

  25. That is a VERY good question. Many religions teach that if you do good you to heaven to be with Christ or God, and if you do bad you go to hell and burn…..forever. However these are BOTH incorrect teachings. Some do go to heaven, however the majority of righteous mankind have an earthly hope. (Psalms 37:9-12) In harmony with what you said, many people say that they can’t wait to die to go to heaven, but then at the same time their drive to live is SO strong. And then many people hope to go to heaven and do the EXACT same type of things that they do on earth. “walk” on “streets” on gold, “eat” honey and “drink” milk, spend time with loved ones, enjoy life, learn about new things etc. The truth is that humans were NEVER created just to live and die. We were originally created to live FOREVER. That is why we can’t accept death as just a ‘normal’ thing, because it is NOT a ‘normal’ thing. When Jehovah created Adam and Eve he gave them the commision to be fruitful and fullfil the earth, basically to have children and spread the Garden of Eden all across the earth. That would imply a VERY long time. Humans also use less than 2 percent of their actual brain capacity! Why would God give us so much and then not allow us to use it fully. Why would he put inside us the ‘drive’ and desire to survive and live, and then limit us to a short life span?? The truth is that he created the earth just for us, and created humans to live FOREVER. It is only because of sin and death that we suffer so much in the ‘short’ life span. But Jehovah will soon correct this situation once and for all and humans will again have the oppurtunity to reach their true potential, physically, mentally, emotionally and especially spiritually. This is what the bible promises. Unfortunately false religion has made the future look bleak for many. I would reccomend talking with Jehovah’s Witnesses they would be more than happy to share with you this and more by means of a bible study.

  26. I push everything to the edge and God has saved my life countless times. Sometimes I was glad other times I was not because of the amount of pain I had to go through. Death has never been a fear of mine, if it had I would not have pushed things so hard the way I had and in some ways still do. I end up thanking God for living for the some of single simplest things my children do. Without children going and hanging out with God could not come fast enough.

  27. People dont just go to heaven when they die! When one dies its like a sleep and they will wake up when Jesus come the second time. Same happens with the bad ones, they die and next thing is waking up during Jesus’s coming, there is no time during death, its like the blink of an eye.
    In my opinion religious people arent scared of death itself, maybe if they have pain before they die, but they arent scared of that Death, what they are scared of is their situation when they die, by that i mean, their spiritual life status when one dies. For example, A drunk driver dying in an accident wont be saved because he hadnt accepted Jesus are his savior, accepting Jesus means doing the right things and having God as number 1 in their life. That’s why we should be ready for death, have your life all in place because when death comes that will be your end of Grace and chances. For the people still living, grace will end when God’s says its done(between that time and jesus’s coming everyone has been judged and the saved have been already determined) After that no one has a chance to repent. So i consider people that have a chance to repent and accept Christ as their savior, “lucky” because as the drunk driver, not everyone will have that “oppurtunity” to repent before death takes them away.

  28. The rich and wicked ought to fear death, ’cause from the moment they die it’s not going to go very well for them.
    Otherwise, indeed, if one believes he will go to be with the Lord, then happy indeed. So wht all the crying and clinging on? Lack of faith, I expect.

  29. In Philippians 1:21, the apostle Paul wrote: “To live is Christ, to die is gain.” but that doesn’t mean we should seek an early death. Instead, Paul was telling us that Christians shouldn’t fear death. The Bible also tells us when we’re absent from the body, we’re present with the Lord.
    This is all well and good.
    But Christians must also remember that they are the hands of God, doing his work among men and women, ministering to them and carrying the word of salvation to a dead and dieing world.
    Yes, it will be glorious to one day stand in the presence of God, but wouldn’t it be even better if he looked down upon us and said, “Well done, my good and faithful servant”?
    Life often does seem pointless and cruel, and both attitudes are often the work of Satan working through the world around us.
    And, yes, there are many suffering and abused children in the world, just as there are suffering and abused adults as well.
    What you need to understand is that as a Christian, you can help improve these problems, even if it is for one individual. You can reach out and bring not only the love of God into their life, but also help fight the depression that you indicate often troubles you as well.
    Let me encourage you to continue with your therapist, and your medications, but also to seek God’s guidance, comfort and healing as well.

  30. God created earthly life, and as such, it is meant to be viewed as worth preserving and worth living. All over the Bible, having a long and prosperous life is regarded as a “blessing” and a good thing. And when Jesus healed someone of a sickness or raised someone from the dead, He was in essence showing some level of agreement with the idea that there was value and something good about being alive here and now.
    Paul the apostle talked about this a little bit in the book of Philippians where He wrote, “For me, to live is Christ, but to die is gain…” He was saying that as long as He was alive here on Earth, that He would live out of His relationship with Christ (aka, to “live is Christ” in Paul’s world) but at the same time, He knew that something even better awaited him in Heaven.
    He went on to talk about how he had a hard time choosing sometimes, because for himself, he knew it was better to get to depart the Earth, but for those who loved him and who he was teaching to follow God, it was better if he stuck around. And this, is the real reason that people grieve – it is a human thing called “attachment.” Humans are designed by God as social creatures who form attachments to one another. When we lose a loved one to death, even if we know they are in a “better place” – we still are attached to them. We still miss them intensely. We looked forward to having them in our life here on Earth, and now they are gone.
    Paul said that since he knew it was better for his friends’ sake if he remained, that God was going to keep him around at least for a little while so he could help them. And this is good to keep in mind – we’re not here just for ourselves. We’re here to bless God by loving Him from this Earthly plane, and we’re here to love, help, and serve others – and it’s considered a blessing from God the longer we get to be here to do those two things, because once we’re gone, we’re gone – and while we’re in Heaven forever, the only chance we have to make a difference on Earth is while we are still down here. What we do/ did here, or did not do here, we take with us into all eternity.

  31. Very thoughtful question. My religion teaches that God loves us so much that He wants every single solitary person to have the very best answer for him/herself at the judgment seat of God, so He takes each and every single solitaray person to Himself when He knows we are the very best we’ll ever be….and He knows our hearts and minds and souls well enough to know when that is for every single solitary individual….If He leaves us here on this earth, it means we still have some improving to do, and God is giving us the chance we need to have a better outcome at the judgement of our soul…..
    I don’t fear death; I have a great peacefulness about it, but I know I have to get certain things done in this life, and I want the time to get them done….plus, even though I know it’s spiritually better for me to be in heaven, emotionally, I want t stay with the people I love on earth…Altogether, I trust God totallly and completely to find my best moment for me….and that’s also why suicide is so bad…..Those who commit suicide take it upon themselves to “do” the work (decide life and death) that is only God’s to do. Nobody is smarter than God for knowing when a person’s soul is at its best, and it certainly cannot possibly be at its best after killing someone, so I’m glad to hear that you don’t think you’ll do that. Good choice….!!!
    God bless you on your path to health, and strength and love and peace and joy….they are all there waiting for you to claim them….They’ll come to you if you keep seeking…

  32. Is so know what you mean, I wondered about this for weeks last year, It’s like what the heck is the point of living if every person is so bad to each other so often and why there are so many bad things that happen to you etc, it would be much better to be with God etc and be in “heaven” because its HEAVEN you know? but then I came up with my own theory, God gave us free-will, so he threw us down on the earth to test us out for heaven so that it stays “HEAVEN” being great etc and when its time he doesn’t want people that shouldn’t be in there etc, he have us free-will 100% even though people are born in poverty-prone places like parts of Africa, people born in broken homes, bad environments etc (bad starts) its still up to the individual to make their choices no matter how hard it may be you still have the ultimate power to go where you want to go, its not like God is just going to go “oh yeah” and change it so everyone has the good life, I got so frustrated and mad that I just wanted to go away and find someplace to get away from it all and just sit there and cry but I stuck in there/still am and am trying to transform my life around. I think in a few years I’ll make it and I’ll be glad that I’m living you know? and I’ll appreciate everything because I’ve been so low. So in sum God put us here to be tested and to experience what we call life, no way should anyone kill themselves no matter how much they want to because there not in a position to see the big picture. Try find some good friends/as I’m trying and you will get happy, trust me thats what I’m doing and you should to. As about the ill people getting better It’s because there glad there loved ones are alive, you can still love on earth, flip just realised my answer is jumbled as, sorry man hope that helped just slow down and try understand.

  33. It only tells me one thing, that people are naturally afraid of the great unknown – dying, ceasing to exist. Religions all over the world recognized this as an ace in the hole and waste no time in claiming that only their religion can make you go to heaven, or have a better next life, etc.
    Here’s the problem: no matter what version of the afterlife you
    try to convince yourself into believing, the better part of your mind tells you otherwise.
    Here’s the solution: ditch the bs, stop feeling responsible for the world around you, and party!

  34. have you ever wondered why is is so easy to do wrong and you have to make a conscience effort to do that which is right?, Have you ever wonder why you do not know why you were born, you do not know why you are alive and you do not know where you are going? well, all the questions carry with them a simple answer, you are Dead, now wait, hear me out. The Bible tells us that because we have not believed in Him (Jesus) we are condemed already. your body is alive but your soul is dead, your soul dictates to your body the negative emotions, the feelings of uncertainity, the emptyness, because there is no life in you, and the real you is in your soul, that is the you that is looking out through your eye sockets right now, you are dead in your sins, the Bible says the wages of sin is death, well people sin all the time, but you do not see them dropping over dead, do you? that is because there soul is dead, so if you want to do right, if you want to know why you are here and what your purpose is for being alive, then you need life, and the only one that can give you life is Jesus Christ. Jesus said, I AM the way the truth and the Life, repent of your sin and ask forgiveness and put your complete faith and trust in Jesus Christ, for only Jesus Christ can give you Life

  35. You have a lot of excellent points…I agree.
    So far no one has figured out why humans or all of these animals are here on earth. Hopefully someday, (not in our lifetime), scientist will discover how life became a relality here on earth.
    It makes no sense that there may be a heaven or hell. When we die, I think our bodies and our spirit is just dead. People would just like to believe there is an after life because it’s hard to say good-bye to those we love.
    Even if people think they will see their loved ones again in heaven they know it won’t be until they die and they will miss having that person in their life.

  36. So, many people think this life is all there is, but what they dont know is what the Bible says, and what they DO know, and its sad, is BELIEVE what they hear. Just don’t believe anything and accept it as truth… search for.. really, …like seriously why humans are here and what is our purpose, is there a heaven, there are answers in the Bible. When you go to Catholic, or Christian or whatever church and are told what to believe, ask them why, look for proof so you know that it is true, in your heart, so you can see the evidence and you know its true. Pray to find the truth and if you look for it, you will find it and at last won’t be scared to die, like 90% of the world’s population.

  37. Because it is extremely hard to actually let go of life, even the most spiritual of people find it hard to leave worldly desires (such as living) behind. It is kind of like playing that game in which you fall backward and let someone catch you. You know they are there, you know they will catch you, but we stay stuck to our instinctual reaction to falling. Similarly, our entire life we have lived in this world. Even though we know there is something afterwards, it is just instinctualy hard to take the plunge. Our brain forces us to fight and refuses to let the soul go.
    All this is without taking into account the fact that we are scared of what we might face after life.


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