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If we do indeed have souls, where are they? What do they look like? Is it more like an aura?


  1. A soul is simply your life force or life energy and it does not have a specific location or shape. It is dynamic. Read a little about quantum physics or some of Deepok Chopra’s work and it will become clearer.

  2. What if we had the ability to see “soul” just as naturally as seeing your eyes? What if we saw the corruption that sin does to our soul, would we really want to jump in and do more damage?

  3. All the dead are still in the ground to be raised at judgement according to the bible. I think your soul is your conscience…but do any of us know, right? Think about it…the body, soul and spirit….Spirit supposedly causes us to act, so soul has got to be the conscience.

  4. Souls are your life force and do put out an aura.It is your conscience being.Your spirit is what connects you to God but it has to be awakened.That’s what being Born Again is all about. The Spirit of God awakens your Spirit and now you can connect to God.

  5. Your spiritual body is contained within and looks like your physical body.
    It is joined to the physical body by a connection called ‘the silver cord’.
    The spiritual body contains and intellect called the soul.
    The aura is an emanation of light coming from the spiritual body. It is said that there are individuals called ‘adepts’ and a special high voltage camera invented by Semyon and Valentina Kirlian which can perceive into the the range of aura.
    The spiritual body looks like the physical body with one frank difference. Those person who are of advanced age have spiritual bodies which appear 32 years or so old. Those persons who are less than that age appear by and large the same.
    The spiritual body lacks any handicaps or disfigurements which may be acquired during life.
    The spiritual body is immortal. When the earthen vessel called the physical body breaks and the silver cord parts (i.e., we die) the physical body returns to the earth from which it was made and the spiritual body (containing the soul) returns to The Father from which is was made.

  6. People often confuse our soul with our spirit. Just as God is triune, we too are tripartite beings, composed of a body, a soul, and a spirit! Our body is for contacting the physical world around us. Our soul, composed of our mind, emotions and will, is the seat of our personality, our consciousness. The Greek root word translated “soul” in the New Testament is “psuche” from which we get the word “psychology,” thus our soul is for contacting the psychological world, interacting with others around us. Your soul is who you are psychologically. But deeper than our soul is our spirit, at the very heart of our being, and it is this aspect of our nature by which we contact the spiritual realm. It is our spirit that is in the image of God, who is Spirit. In fact, it is within our spirit that God has access to our being. Our spirit is like a glove, designed to contain a hand. Our spirit was designed by God to contain God Himself! An empty glove does not fulfill its purpose in being created, but once the hand slips into the glove, the actions of the hand are expressed by the glove. Likewise, if we do not allow God to fill our spirit, we too are short of fulfilling our purpose in being created! Just as the hand perfectly fits within the glove designed to contain it, so too, God perfectly fills our whole spirit so that His image is given expression! But God entering into our spirit is only the first step in a process by which God desires to be expressed through man! Eventually, God desires to spread Himself from our spirit, our innermost being, into our soul, our psychological being, so that our will becomes one with His will, and our mind becomes one with the mind of God, and our emotions express God’s love and compassion, so that when someone touches us, they have the sense that they have touched God! Finally, our body was intended to become part of the outward expression of the corporate Body of Christ, the enlarged expression of God, so that God not only makes His home in our hearts by faith, but the very God who created us desires to indwell us bodily, both individually and corporately, so that He can have an expression in the universe that will fulfill His eternal purpose! It may appear that we have a long way to go before this is fulfilled in our experience, but that is God’s desire according to the Bible, and if we will cooperate with God in fulfilling that desire, both God and man will find satisfaction!


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