If we are all gods children, whats so special about jesus?





O.K. now dont bite my head off just yet. This question is really about the idea that an omnipotent being would for some arbitrary reason have one “only begotten son” and at the same time say we are all his children. What if jesus was more like the ancient Gnostic’s said and simply came to know the god within him. In other words what if we literally were all gods children? I mean wouldn’t christianity make more since if it was about finding and awakening god within you rather than bowing down to a man for who he is said to be and judging spiritual development based on blind faith to the idea that this great man was the one and only literal son of the one true god? His teachings were great but could have been developed by any man that had truly sought and achieved spiritual transcendence. I mean Buddha’s philosophical beliefs were on the same level. Maybe Jesus wasn’t special because of the miracles. Maybe he is still amazing without them. Anyway just a thought. What do you think?


  1. Jesus came unto his own and they recieved him not but to as many that recieved him he gave the right to become children of God. John 1:11-12 Apart from Jesus we cannot be God’s children but when we accept Jesus we are automatically adopted into Gods family. and we are heirs of his promises and we can look forward to eterneal life with God.
    Jesus existed with The Father from the very begiining , He is the only person that died and rose again conquering death and dying for the punishment for our sins so we didnt have to. Accepting Jesus has to one of the best decision I have ever made. I hope whoever reads this is touched and experience the love of a man that will never hurt u and always love u no matter what and will always encourage you .
    Be blessed!

  2. Actually we aren’t all God’s children. We’re sinners separated from God. Jesus came as a holy sacrifice to make a way for us to be reconciled to God so we can talk to Him and have a relationship with Him. The good news is the Bible says that we CAN be called children of God through Jesus’ blood. Jesus came to take our punishment. Only those who have confessed their sins to God and are truly sorry and believe Jesus died for their sins and is the only way to God are His children. When we accept that, God graciously adopts us. Good works don’t get us to heaven because we’re all sinners and just the smallest sin separates us from God. Buddha and Gandhi and all those “great philosophers” sinned too. Good works don’t change the bad we’ve done, so even the best person can’t get to heaven on his own. Jesus is the only way to heaven. He can totally wipe out our sins and adopt us as a child of God.

  3. LOL!
    His Teaching was the redemption of peoples and all the children through suffering on the Cross and Submission to The Will of God.
    How is it that the disciples did not reckognize Him after The Resurrection? And, how is it; do you think; that the Roman legion and the Judea Pharisees and ‘teachers’ of the ‘law’ could not reckognize or detain him without Judas?
    Therefore, Melchezidek was present at Jerusalem in the time of Abraham, the Father of many nations as written. For in front of or before Abraham and Isaac, ‘I AM.’
    So, then what does the name Buddha mean in that language?
    Isn’t then that Ieoseus or Yeshua came to fulfill The Prophets as written?
    Only through Faith on the Son is the redemption is the advancement of The Gospel and The Kingdom where only the people drawn to Him by The Father can come to Him and only the people drawn by The Son can enter The Kingdom which is among the peoples. God saw that it was good for He was present in the council of The great mystery of godliness. For, He ‘used’ to wink at such is written; but now all to come to repentance and turning from sin to God in producing fruit in keeping with it in persistance.
    One God, One Shepherd, many folds, many crowns, One Name. No other Name given to peoples by which they must be saved. Yet, The Father gave Him a Name Greater than all Names that all things would be brought into submission to The Son which is only known to Himself and The Father as written in Revelation.
    For faith is not come by knowledge, but is the substance of what was not ‘known’ in the manner of the perceived of peoples natural eyes.

  4. We are all God’s creations. Like a statue of a man created by a man, it can be very similar to a man, but it is not a man. Many artist may refer to their creations as their “children” but that does not make them actual children. And so, we may have many similarities to God, and god may love us as His magnum opus and think of us as His children, we are still not the same kind of thing as God.
    Christ was the begotten Son of God. We do not use that word ‘beget’ very much any more, but it indicates reproduction, not creation. Like when we reproduce, our children are the same kind of thing that we are, they are not statues. They are every bit as human as we are. And so Christ was the same kind of thing as God.
    Hope that helps.

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