if u have a naruto fanfactional character now would be the time to share! ^-^?






My character’s full name would be: Makou Ann Hasikumi, she is from the Hasikumi clan. Her clan never runs out of chakra so she’s loaded. She came from the village hidden in the waterfull but lives in the leaf village. She has a black boy-cut hairstyle and a gangster look. She lived on the street for 9 years of her life and has a little heart. She lives in the Inuzuka’s attic and is friends with Kiba, Akamaru, somewhat with Itachi,Naruto, Choji, Shikamaru and Temari. She has gained a little crush on Kiba but will never tell anyone because she thinks Kiba likes someone else and she’d want him to be happy even if it did cause her a broken heart. She has will power and is very short. People mistake her for 10 all though she is 14, also they mistake her for a boy because she has no cheast what so ever. Her favortie color is dark green, and black. Her eye’s are dark green. Her saying is: somewords are better left unspoken even if they leave you broken.
-Keigo Hasikumi


  1. my characters name would be Meso Hyuga, of the Hyuga clan. he would be a memeber of the Akatsuki. he would have long braided black hair, also his whole body would be tatooed with summoning symbols. he would carry around to swords, and his chakara type would be water and wind which would cause him to be a specialist in ice techniques. one technique would be that he could make ice swords, and be able to freeze people when blowing air at them or touching them. he would also be able to create strong winds when blowing out. He can also use wind to cut people, and he can create a water source wherever he wants ( lakes, oceans)

  2. I’ve had this one for a while now…this RP character is the other half of my split personality 🙂
    Name: Hikaru Hatake (はたけ ヒカル), sister of ‘Copy NInja’ Kakashi
    Age: 15
    Birthday: September 18
    Status: Special Jounin
    Specializes in: Torture and Interrogation (like Morino Ibiki), Genjutsu (Sharingan), Water Ninjutsu
    Personality: Sly, evil, whole-hearted, aggressive, short-tempered, unforgiving, shy but afraid to show it so she becomes aggressive, emotionally vulnerable, foolish/naive at times, not trusted most of the time because she can easily persuade/deceive people, she is deep down a very sensitive and kind person (she just doesn’t know it yet)
    Relations to Kakashi: Hikaru is Kakashi’s adopted sister, although many people have mistaken them as blood-related because their appearance is quite similar. Sakumo Hatake, Kakashi’s blood father, found Hikaru with no memory of her past, abandoned on the streets. He raised her since and trained her to be an outstanding shinobi. After Sakumo’s death, Hikaru had an anguished conscience and changed personality. She decided to leave Kakashi and Konoha. Her whereabouts are unknown. However, recently, Kakashi and Hikaru encountered each other during a mission.
    I love to RP!! 🙂

  3. My charater’s full name is Omi Kaguya. He is the only son of Jiraiya sama in somewhere out there (becouse jiraiya is a traveler) although he is not a ninja but he manage to learn jutsu by himself becouse Jiraiya gave a numerous technique to learn in Omi’s mother. When Omi is 6yrs old he learn the techniques and master it in just 5 years. In the age of 14 he continue training and gain another jutsu created by himself. He learned to use rasengan with a fire element. The effect of his Rasengan is draining enemy’s shakra into the last drop. In the age of 17 his mother die so he travel to search for His father Jiraiya. Now he will face the world of ninja with some bunch of jutsu with him.
    Personalities; unlike Jiraiya he is not a perv
    just like Jiraiya he is a wonderer and manage to learn by himself
    He do less talk and go straight for a fight.
    His saying is: “I can manage to take everything than leave it to someone who can do nothing”

  4. I have alot of different characters. Emi and Mie Hyonoshi,Geio Keisagemakaru,Hope Marimoto,Max Rikari,and Kai Jiosha
    But here’s short breifs of them.
    Emi Hyonoshi –
    Emi was born in the leaf village with a past as bad as Sasuke Uchiha.Her father killed hger clan and himself when she was 5,but she now is protected by Hope and Geio.Emi has a curse of 7 dragons.Water,fire,earth,air,light,sound,and darkness.The dragons have incredible chakra,so Emi never runs out.With her special powers,she’s even stronger.She’s a sweet girl with blonde hair tied in pigtails that go down to her ankles.She also has bright blue eyes.Emi’s mastered in a good ammount of water jutsu,fire jutsu,and her own.She’s friends with everyone,but she has a crush on Neji Hyuga.
    Mie Hyonoshi-
    Mie is Emi’s year younger sister.She has short brown hair and the same blue eyes.She also possesses dragons,but not as a curse.Mie’s special power is to communicate with animals.She has a dog named Aimi,that she spends half of her time with besides friends.Mie’s also protected by Hope and Geio.She has a crush on Kiba Inuzuka.
    Hope Marimoto-
    Extremely tall,scary,very powerful,old rivals with Itachi Uchiha,has darkness as a kekkei genkei.Also mastered with making needles.In alot of bingo books.Has long black hair,black eyes,and a purple dress and black ninja shoes.
    Geio –
    Was an ANBU with Hope,now a jonin that’s in charge on Mie and her teammates.Doesn’t really have a known kekkei genkei.A swordsman from the leaf village.
    Max –
    He’s a big goofball on Emi’s team.Though he kids around alot,he’s very good at making puppets.Max has sandy blonde hair and green eyes.Rivals with Kai.
    Kai –
    Very serious,he’s after power like Sasuke is,but alot calmer about it.He’ll never admit he can ask Emi,but he knows it.His kekkei genkei is to summon things with the wave of his hand.Has dark dark blue hair and blackish colored eyes.

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