If Time Travel where possible in the future?

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If time travel where possible in the future wouldn’t somebody of come back to our time and told somebody by now?

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turbo T

time travel is possible only on high exotic conditions
possible probability is very less


No. The only methods of time travel that haven’t been proven impossible yet only allow time travel back to a point after the time machine has been invented. If you invent a time machinie next year, somebody could conceivably come out of it from the future, but your time machine can’t carry you back, it would be more of a portal which must already exist on both ends.
There is a physicist today working on using swirling lasers to create a wormhole that would be stable enough to permit time travel of elementary particles, perhaps encoded with information. It would have enormous implications for the structure of time if successful. It would essentially prove alternate universes as a solution to the grandfather paradox. There’s a good chance he’ll either do it or figure out once and for all why it’s impossible.

amiram a

if it would be possible in the future to travel back in time to the past, than it has already happened in our past, to which those time travelers traveled to, and since there is no evidence of such time travelers, it would be either impossible to travel back in time beyond a point of time which we have not reached yet, or those time travelers in the future would be unobservable by us in the past.

One shot, One kill

Maybe they did, and were locked up as insane.


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