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If time travel becomes a technological possiblility, how will that affect the religious systems of the world?

Right or wrong, true or counterfeit, organized religion has maintained a tight grip on humanity throughout history. I wonder if the possiblity of time travel will soon become a religious concern like stem cell research, euthanasia, or abortion?
In your answer the key word is “theoretically”. In my question I asked “if time travel (travel = two way, forward and back) WERE to become possible…”
It was a hypothetical question about the effects time travel would have on religion, WERE it to become possible. This is not a question about about what is currently or theoretically possible, or science fiction. Thanks for your answer, but I think you missed the heart of the question.
Thanks tp all for the serious responses. (It’s getting harder to get those on YA now.)

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  1. probably, they wouldn’t want people going back with video cams and actually producing proof of what was said and done

  2. it will cause mayhem. religion bashers will just love going in the past to witness important religious events.

  3. Would an islamist extreamest try to blow up Jesus? I think so. So as a christian, I would vote against a time machine.

  4. Why would a Muslim try to blow up Jesus? *shrug* I think that, in great fashion, religion will entrench itself against science in this case as well. I can hear the argument now- “God has a plan for the world and we are violating that law by taking it into our own hands! Look at these out of context Bible quotes!”

  5. in the back to the future movie,he goes back and meets his twin.if only one of me is born,then how is another one able to exist in the future.it was just an illusionary manisfestation.either that or a lookalike,who is stalking,copying my every move and going to the same stores to buy the exact clothes.creeps me out.

  6. You can always travel forward in time. That “technology” already exists. We also know how to go into the future. Einstein’s theory of relativity explains how as you approach the speed of light, time slows. So theoretically you can hop on a space ship, go really fast for what seems like a 1 week trip for you, and actually return to earth in the distant future.
    Going back in time is another matter. No one knows how to do that. If it was possible, it opens up the possibility of multiple times lines.
    Imagine you write down yesterday’s lottery ticket numbers, go back in time before the drawing, and you buy those numbers. You’ll quickly find out that a different number is drawn instead. Why? Because it is a separate event. Likewise, everything that you thought already happened will now be different. Some people who died yesterday from a car crash may not die, others may die in new car crashes. People conceived may no longer be conceived.
    If you go back before you were born, you may not come into existance.
    So a backward time machine is a paradox that makes good science fiction movies. Most religions don’t have strong opinions on science fiction.
    Okay 7: If people could go forward and backwards in time, life and religion would be chaos. Things that happened, may not stay that way. This would be the ultimate weapon of mass destruction. You prevent a whole generation from existing. So any religion that values life would view going back in time is a bad feature.

  7. I can drive a car, but I know nothing about the working of a car.
    I use computer but I don’t know how does it work?
    I pay and fly in a plane, but I don’t know how planes fly.
    I have learned to live in this world using all the advantages of modern science and technology.
    I belong to a religion and I want all the people in the world to believe my God.
    My ancestors were also doing this. But they had no modern advantages.
    Now I use T.V for my job of converting others into my religion.
    The growth of science has made my work easy.
    If time travel was possible, I will try all those who have died to convert into my religion.
    What duty in this world am I having instead of serving MY God?

  8. That’s an interesting question! Personally I’d like to watch the loading of the ark. I’d probably suggest that maybe the pairs of roaches and rats is not the best of ideas.

  9. Wow. A few religious zealots travel back in time to eliminate their competition and favorably position their own religion. Surely it was meant to be since God allowed it, right?
    Talk about your possibilities. Let’s reshape history. Take out the races that disagree with our “vision”.
    Sounds like the makings of a wonderful sci-fi book.
    Honestly, I think the world would change quite frequently as events such as assassinations take place.
    Total chaos.


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