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If time and space loop then what is in the middle of the loop?

Could it be God?
If at the center, an omnipotent and omnipresent entity or consciousness would know all times and all places as one. There would be no travel through time or space to “get there”. The beginning and end would be known and experienced simultaneously.


  1. What do you mean by time and space looping. That’s a new one to me. But imagining a god to answer a question is just imagination, unless there’s evidence to support the claim.

  2. You’re stuck on your metaphor. Time and space aren’t literally a loop, it’s a simplified image used to convey the sense of the idea. Much like they still use the orbital electron image of an atom in classrooms. It doesn’t tell the whole story, but it allows our feeble minds to get a grasp on it. Ironically, this is the exact same method the Bible and other scriptures use. So, science and religion have more in common than they think.

  3. A lot of these ideas from relativity are really mathematical and you would need to understand tensor calculus to translate the idea of loops in space-time. Indeed what is spacetime? I don’t really know but I suspect it is a 4th coordinate on the cartesian system as in x,y,z, t or i,j,k,t in engineering terms.
    The actual nature of God may be nothing remotely close to what you have been indoctrinated with. For example, the reason why “bad things happen to good people” may really be a misunderstanding of God’s role- maybe God is constrained by physics so that when you round a corner at spped and an oncoming car is in your path then God doesn’t suddenly change the laws of physics so you pass through each other unharmed
    But, I do like the way you’ve abandonned your taught religion for one you figure out on your own. Hope it doesn’t lead to atheism


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