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If time and space is an illusion, then consciousness only validates things that are not an actual realty?

Anything that is in transition would be an illusion Right?…
Hank if you are not philosophcally minded, do insult our intellgence nor waste your time answering these type of question!


  1. Any thing that is in transition would be a “super being” like the essence of our subconscious.
    Anyway, i don’t know where you got it that time and space is an illusion. In physic, space and matter and time go hand in hand. For matter, its substance and tangibility, deems it real rather than a fragment of massive ideal though process of something(for their to be an illusion, there has to be the one inducing it).
    In philosophy, we have the idealism idea. That we might be just but a fragment of a super being. The wheel of fortune, which would continously be churning, and we would be living that fragment that in any minute might be dismissed and done with. But then we have, how orderly things occur. Like, there’s nothing like disappearance of people or things happening so unexpectedly, meaning that everything must be well set to occur, and any variation is explainable/predictable according to a set of rules. So how can this be, unless there’s a super being, perfect in that there’s no reason that could justify it’s existence! Beyond reason!ANyway, if that was the case, then it might, just might be an illusion. But not meaning that consciousness only validates things that are not actualy realty, since to us it would be that it is real enough, but a concept/a nonvalid nonentity for that which is bigger than us/ our thoughts.

  2. Yes, consciousness acting like that misperceives the true nature of what appears.
    Anything that appears is bound to be mere illusory appearance.
    In transition,at each point in ‘time’ as it appears, it is mere illusory appearance : it appears, abides and ceases in one instant of space per ‘time’ instant and its ultimate nature is mere appearance, like a lightening strike, a bubble, a castle in the sky, …
    Perhaps you would enjoy “The Basic Space of Phenomena” by Longchenpa. And also a good introduction to spacetime … there was a great book on that together with everything quantum, but unfortunately I can’t remember….something like A Beginner’s Guide to Quantum Physics…but not that title exactly, I got that one by mistake :0) It’s a similar kind of title though, excellent book.

  3. Tick turns to Tock ,the time it takes to do that may well be transition , but you can set bank on it turning back to tick just as soon as it gets done tocking , and these segments of time are, in our view , but seconds , sure this segment of time only translates to humans as seconds , but comunication uses these segments of time to seperate our words , in the fragments of a second that it takes . but you can’t deny the fact that time exists , because muscles keep the heart beating in a rythum that can be counted , using measurements that include time .

  4. time is an illusion because we cannot know if we are telling time, or whether we are just measuring time. space is an illusion because there is always something there. even in outer “space” energy is randomly created and travels through space.
    consciousness is being being known to your surroundings. a so called “solid” is made up of tiny particles, blah blah blah, and in between is what? not space, other things, gases for the most part. so while a “solid” might not be solid, it is real and thus validates that which is real by the conscious.

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