Sunday, September 26, 2021

If Tiger were ever discovered to be taking steroids, would the PGA turn a blind eye and let it go?

Golf took a nosedive those couple of months that Tiger was recovering from surgery. When he returned, the media attention was overwhelming. Do you think the PGA would ever allow it’s golden boy to be marred by steroid controversy?


  1. No, I think they would apply the same rules to any player caught using illegal substances. The main reason why ratings were down during Tiger’s absence was that he was gone during the early part of the season.
    And I think Tiger respects the sanctity and integrity of the game too much to take performance enhancers.

  2. Even though I’m not a big fan of his, I can’t believe he has ever needed to use illegal drugs. He is simply the best there is. Perhaps too good for the players of today. I believe he is just a natural and wouldn’t have to resort to other things. If he did it would crush the golf world. Ethics and integrity are the backbone of golf therefore they would sanction him to what ever the rules he broke would be.

  3. I am not sure, there is always the allure of a cover up or a conspiracy…Like the guy above me said, it would crush the golf world so if it was a one time thing who is to say the PGA wouldn’t let it slide (unless you get a photo taken your doing during, like someone else I heard of not to mention michael phillps name or anything) They may cover it up to keep the fan base and ratings up. They can’t afford to have disgruntled fans and people losing faith in the purity of the game.

  4. I dont know how much steroid can actually enhance golfer, much of the game is about talent and mental.
    I am also not aware that steroid is OFFICIALLY illegal on the PGA tour!?
    TRUTH always prevail.

  5. If he tests positive, then he tests positive. There’s no way for the Tour to just pull the “oh…the dog at the test results” routine.
    It would be devastating to the game, and the Tour. The PGA Tour has already been hit hard by the economic recession, and is left with a de-facto two tour system (events Tiger plays in, and ones he doesn’t).
    With that being said, while I’m not a fan of Woods, he’s innocent until a positive test shows up.

  6. There is no reason to think the Tour would cover up anything. There is also no reason to think Tiger has ever done anything but work his ass off. I can’t believe Tiger would ever give his haters the satisfaction of catching him in something like that. Besides, how exactly would steroids help a golf swing?

  7. if he were to take steroids im sure he would not be dominating at all because he would lose feel for his swing and start playing like crap

  8. They couldn’t ignore it. The integrity in the game of golf itself wouldn’t allow it.
    However, many of the PGA Tour employees may have to seek employment elsewhere because they just wouldn’t be needed. But that’s an issue that would take years to recognize, much like the auto industry.

  9. I think the PGA will be too busy paying off people to keep things on the down-low. But who knows? Maybe someone will become a whistleblower and leak the entire thing to the media.


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