I have been a successful escort for the past seven years and have recently been asked to offer an online course in improving male sexuality/sexual techniques. I’ll be offering advice on Tantra, male multiple orgasms, prostate massage, etc… however, I’m curious to know if there are other topics you would like to see covered. Your feedback would be much appreciated.


  • the advanced stuff like what you mention sounds great but i wonder if most people really need the basics such as “self confidence in the bedroom”, “hwo to communicate with your partner” and “The Big O: taking the scenic route (ie delaying climax)”

  • That it is OK for women to talk to there partners, let them know what is good and how to do it. Men need to learn these things. Women are not known to pleasure themselves as much as men ans they can so they can then show or talk to him about it. the better she knows how it feels then the better she can guide him, even if the relations does not last he will have learned something for the next woman instead of making her just hang on and never have that big O that they need. this might in fact keep the men at home and a marriage would last longer.

  • I think that controlling climax and being comfortable with who you are in bed are great topics for men to know.

  • i like it when girls slowly feel all over my body really till it is so sencitive its turns me on so much u will send the lads mad with it

  • i would like to see on how to go down on a girl or how to finger her and how to tell if she is pleased. Or how to ask or tell what she wants in sex like positions or on how to go at it if asking.

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